Returning Player, Banned

I tried to contact support multiple times with no help and then post here on forums but I can’t because I’m banned on my real account so I had to create this account.

I’m making a return to the game because of all of the quality of life changes and the fact that my main class reaper is finally coming out. However, my account was banned for a payment issue and I’ve tried to reach out to amazon customer service multiple times to resolve this but no one could help. I get the same messages that I’ve violated the code of conduct but I don’t even know what payment could mean. I’ve tried to call amazon, live chat, and email. I get the same response of me staying permanently banned. Some of the email replies even sometimes give me the amazon India links to contact them/look into their code of conduct. My account was a Platinum founders account with only 50 hours on it and I spammed all of the content on release. I just want to be able to recover it.

This sucks because you can blantantly see people posting RMTers, botters, multiboxers and they don’t go unpunished while I don’t know what I could’ve done to warrant a ban with less than 50 hours of gameplay.


TL;DR - How do I contact a real human being or at least someone to be able to look into my account for a payment issue? There’s no chargeback or anything wrong with my steam account. Everything is in good standing.

Payment issues usually means chargeback. Someone may have gotten access to your account bought something and issued a chargeback resulting in you being banned.

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Seems like you’ll just have to go through support and get some answers and provide whatever info you can to help. There’s a chance your account could have been locked for security reasons. You may have not done something wrong, but something seems to have gone wrong.

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I would start with the first basic thing , have steam verify or confirm if any payments or charges back happen or that its been sorted out and get it in writting once that is done you will send a ticket to AGS support explaining and presenting your SS.

any sort of payment or chargeback causes a auto trigger on lost ark side

No one has access to my account because of steams Authenticator. I’ve checked my cards to see if there was any steam purchase and there isnt

Yeah and I’ve been contacting support for the past few weeks and have gotten zero help. I’m getting desperate to the point where I dmd roxx and I’ve been left on seen lol. Like what do I even do here? The login screen says I was banned for payment and the Amazon rep says I was cheating.

Yeah I checked with steam and my account is in good standing. My cards are also good too

Consider it a favor


Pretty unfair bcs you are a Platinum founder, it’s your right to know what you did wrong

Amazon Games for you…

I’m sorry man. As much as we want to, we’re just powerless here too. It’s rare to see them admit fault let alone consider they even could be wrong. Many of us have made many posts and helped many players in the same debacle. If you did nothing wrong, chances are your account was flagged (literally any anti-cheat/bot feature could set off a red flag or even any small chance of suspicious activity) and punished as a result. The only piece of advice I can really offer you is to reach out to other region’s Amazon support. For some reason players tend to get better results when not dealing with North America. I’ve seen results from EU support that seem a lot more human.

How long ago did you receive this ban? Did it happen prior to leaving or did it happen while you were away from the game?

There was an issue back around launch where players who purchased founders pack items from the AH received commerce locks on their accounts. It has since been fixed, but it is possible that your account could still be locked if you never submitted an appeal after this occurred.

AGS Support tend to be pretty much useless 95% of the time. Not for a lack of wanting to help but because their policies are so restrictive that support staff are unable to really do anything. There are very few things that they can assist with.

Sadly the appeals team can be the most difficult to deal with. All responses will be from a template. Make sure that you include as much information as possible. All screenshots you have. Steam purchase history. Relevant bank statements if possible. Also a link to this thread. Sending the same appeal multiple times will get you flagged as spam. Additional appeals must contain additional information.

Part of the issue here being that they seem to have you flagged as having cheated. Depending on how long ago this occurred this could have been caused by any number of issues with in-game systems. But then the appeals team are not always accurate with these templates.

If you are unable to get a specific answer from the appeals team you may want to submit a request for your data from amazon. You can do that here:

and read more about it here in this post:

Unfortunately they have recently made changes to the flag system to prevent it from displaying as much data as it used to. But it should at least confirm whether or not you are banned for cheating or if it is in fact a payment issue as the login message indicates.

Given the fact that your steam account is not locked, I think it is safe to assume you did not charge back anything.

Though I have seen cases where steam automatically refunded purchases when they saw what looked like suspicious activity, which resulted in the users being banned from Lost Ark. Usually in those cases they had recently added a new card to their account. You would probably have noticed if this were the case for you.

If it IS an issue with a cheating flag that complicates things considerably. Because in order to get those bans overturned you are required to provide evidence that you did not cheat. But because of AGS policies they are not permitted to explain exactly what it is they detected or how they detected it. Essentially making it impossible to ever clear your account.


Can confirm support is extremely useless.

What OP should do to at least find out why he was banned is to request his data if he lives in EU; not sure how this works for USA.

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when did you start and stop playing the game?
did you buy another founder pack (like a gold one) and refunded it to buy the plat pack before the game release?
did you remove the game from your steam library when you left the game?

You are going to have to pester support, but for chargebacks, I think that is more of a steam issue… also, you said you were plat founder… did you buy that from steam or Amazon? There was a time where 3rd party companies were selling cheaper codes, which I believe was against the ToS and many times things were being charged back, because they weren’t really valid… otherwise, as I said, you will just have to pester both supports. Hope it works out for you.

Your main class? I guess I’m a future billionaire then.

I dont understand! You got banned for payment issue and what is it then? Something you have done that you shouldnt do else I dont know. I am sure you know what you have done, but you just dont want to admit it maybe? Really I dont understand why you got banned for.

It sounds like missunderstood from ASG/SG side.

He quit the game after playing 49 hours over some petty reason. People like him won’t stay long nor achieve anything in Lost ark anyway.

Is it you to decide what he does or not? lets ignore the support issue bcs the guy played just for 49 hours as if 49 hours is nothing

Hes a Platinum Founder, image if he was a F2P

Platinum Founder price, here where I live was equal to 1/2 of the minimum wage

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