Returning player - class question/advice needed

Hey guys,
I’m a returning player, need an advice on which class should i main :stuck_out_tongue:
i have currently 1460 deathblade and im kinda bored of playing DB so i want to make it my 2nd main. I’m looking for fun to play in pve and pvp class and im thinking about

i kinda plan to play max 3-4 character at the same time

also do you think that destroyer is more fun than berserker?

i know that i should decide myslef after playing these classes but i cant decide, im really torn between some classes and i just want to know your opinion so do not hate on me pls :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you in advance

The thing is, i can tell u destroyer is nice but what benefits have u from it?

I can tell u zerker is nice etc.

U need to test yourself for exampel make class and test it on trixion all classes and skills. Or watch some raid videos about the classes.

Reaper can be fun but its gatekept* really hard just like Berserker.

If you really like supporting others in the game (so if you have at least 1 support that you played for several weeks/months and you still like it) then Artist can be fun for you as a main.

Taijutsu Scrapper can be fun, its fast, strong and players like to invite them.

Destroyer is another mainstream class right now. Its really strong but its slow, so if you dont like slow classes maybe this wont be for you.
But if you have to choose between Destroyer and Berserker I would say choose Destroyer.

I cant say too much about Gunslinger. Looks fun and has a hyperactive gamestyle but need lots of time to master but once you learn it and you learn the fight as well it can be rewarding.

If I want to choose 4 from that list this would be:
Main: Destroyer/Scrapper/Artist
Alt: Surge DB and those who are not that 1 main from above

Watch some gameplay video from these classes, watch some guides too (that how difficult it looks for you) and then decide.

*gatekept: You wont get invite even if you have every requirements for the content. Its like you are always at the end of the list.

thank you, i kinda think ima wait for slayer to get released and choose it over berserker

We will get a balance patch in this month or in April where they will buff Berserker. Maybe it will be better with that.

Slayer release is still unknown but if its in this year then its probably November-December.

Reaper is probably the weakest of the classes you listed. They are super fun and IMO not as bad as people say, but that isn’t to say they aren’t on the weaker end. I would say lower end of tier 2 dps classes. Their mobility is nuts tho and just so much fun to zip around. The problem is because of that mobility you kinda feel every hit you take as you are the squishiest class in the game and every hit feels like you could have avoided it if you were better. As is they are middle of the pack in terms of investment costs. They also don’t feel great until you get higher cd gems and tripods. They have alot of tools tho as they offer pretty good consistent stagger and the Best counter in the game. It’s not even close their counter is easily the most versatile. However in the grand scheme of things they really are just a worse Tai scrapper in every way. Less Destruction, Less damage, Less stagger and less durability.

Artist of course is the new hotness coming in. They are a support so if you don’t have 1 in your roster yet they are a super solid choice. It’s hard to say how the west will react to them having to actually pay attention to get heals but I imagine it’ll be fine. They offer the most flexible of healing compared to the 3 Supports. Bard is of course the premium support for most cases but a support is a support at the end of the day.

Destroyer Is a great and strong class in both PVP and PVE. The thing is they are a big clunky to learn and play around but their damage output is real if you can keep up front attacks. For our content Destroyers really are a tier 1 class if you can play them well but they fall off a bit in korea because Akkan, Kayangel and Voldike have some punishing front hits that make it harder to stay in front all the time cutting down their damage potential.

Berserker The most heavily memed on class in NA and also one of the more heavily discriminated against. IDK if it’s because they get so much scrutiny from the memes but I’ve experienced my fair shair of “Zerker Brain” moments to think a little less of zerkers by default. They are getting a huge QoL change in march tho that apparently has made them the strongest of the Crit/Swift classes. So if you want to take advantage of that then that potential is there on the table.

Gunslinger is a rough alt. They are fine and pretty solid dps. Not a tier 1 dps but most crit/swift classes aren’t. The problem with making a Gunslinger alt is that they are CRAZY expensive to build on the gem front. 5x3 isn’t so bad but they are the one class that requires to most damage gems and because of that each individual gem has less impact so it feels rough when building up. Unlike other classes like Striker, Sorc and DB who have alot of their damage frontloaded into a handful of spells Gunslingers have 7 damage spells that have a reasonable spread of damage. So you will need 7 Damage gems to get the same damage increase as 2 for a Striker or 1 as a DB. This also extends to tripods. So yeah Gunslingers are great and fun and pretty strong but the investment is crazy high for what is overall just above average.

Scrapper I’m a scrapper main so I’m biased and I love them but they are fun. They are by far one of the easiest classes to play if you play Tai. One of the tankiest classes in the game and also one of the smoothest to play with the double space dash and 2 mobility spells. They can do some pretty great damage but are extremely tripod heavy. Making a fresh one is going to be rough in the long run just because of the tripod investment needed. They are also the best class to “learn” back attack with as you are given all the tools to stick to the back but no cheats like Reaper and Deathblade who can flip over the boss.

Sorry I can’t give much input on PVP.

wowowow thank you!!! that’s what i really wanted to read! btw what do you think about surge db and which class is better in your opininon gunslinger or deadeye?

So I don’t have any first hand experience with any of em other than a 1460 Pistoleer deadeye who is banished to lopang. But from what I’ve heard from mains in my static Surge DB is suffering until it’s not.

Surge DB can be EXTREMELY strong but you need to know the fight well enough to not clip your Surge. 70%+ of their damage distribution is in Surge so you REALLy have to know how to optimize it’s timing so you spend as little time not charging a surge while also never clipping it on a phase change or DR phase. Basically Surge is fun to do current content on but MISERY to do lower level content on.

Everything I’ve heard regarding Gunslinger vs Deadeye is that Gunslinger is more fun but Deadeye is higher potential. Gunslingers have a spread of damage from shotgun to rifle and 1 or 2 in pistol depending on your comp. They are always casting and really need high uptime to deal the damage they can deal. They have the tools to stay mobile while dealing damage and you need to be able to find your moments to shotgun and rifle safetly at all times.

Deadeye has alot more of their damage allocated to their shotguns and because they are back attackers they have to work way harder to get their damage out. They have to deal with all of the problems of finding your moments to attack as Gunslingers but with the added wrinkle of having to be close to the boss and behind them. The 1 EW deadeye player I know enjoys him but he really finds it to be harder than it needs to be and the 2 Gunslinger players I know love their character.

Basically Gunslinger is easier while Deadeye is alot harder to be a little bit stronger. Take your pick.

damn i think ill stick to Deathblade, Tai scrapper, reaper and destro/zerk :slight_smile: Gunslinger sounds like a pain tbh…

i wouldn’t want to dissuade away from gunslinger too much. If you like the aesthetic and the theme then give em a try. They are for sure one of the more mechanically complicated classes to play but ALL of the gunslinger mains I know swear on them and basically say every class is boring to play but their main.

The expense issue is a thing but considering your main is a DB it might be manageable. DB is one of the comparatively cheaper classes to fund in regards to gems and tripods but they are EXTREMELY expensive to fund in regards to accessories and books. While Gunslingers are pretty expensive to fund for basically every aspect you can at least funnel the extra gems you would have spent on DB into your Gunslinger pretty happily.

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