Returning player, few questions

Hello, I played since day 1 right up to vykas release. Had 1.5k hours before I took a break. Just a few questions:

  1. Did they fix the bot problem?
  2. How’s the gold inflation?
  3. What’s their current stance on rmt? As strict as ever?
  4. Did they fix the shadow hunter transformation?
  5. What was the general reaction to artist’s censorship?
  6. Does gatekeeping still exist?


  1. no
  2. really bad, it went from 600g per 100 blue crystals to 4000
  3. never was strict, see 1 and 2
  4. no, they doubled down and artist is getting all skins modified to have shorts instead of panties, they are also reducing midriff
  5. outrage, but they dont care
  6. yes and its actually worse now. if you dont like buying busses dont bother playing. once you bus enough to get gear then join groups and get flamed until you learn it

People will post threads and videos listing all these problems as the reason they quit and sure enough people will defend it because its not stoopz (who plays on KR)

Any one of these problems aren’t bad, the combat in this game is some of the best I’ve ever enjoyed- but holy moly is there a titan wall of issues that people seem to take personally if you address

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I mean bots are ALWAYS going to be a problem, there is NEVER going to be a fix for them as there is no WAY to actually fix it. Bots plague all online games and will continue to plague all of them.

The Artist censorship is really only making the lewd people upset that they can’t look at little girl panties anymore. If the change affects a person that much, they have far worse issues to fix.

Inflation was always going to happen and was even posted that it would happen when the first honing buff was announced. When you have teh AVG gamers roster making 3 to 4 times the gold now with all of the legion raids available to them, of COURSE the BC price was going to match it. Since its easier to get alts up to the vykas levels for 11700g a week per character, the BC price would adjust with that.

No they dont plague most online games like Lost Ark. Quit yapping with the same auto-tune.

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Just wait for Blue Protocol. this game is not in a good stated right now.

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As Naomi stated, The Cons far exceed the Pros

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Normal folks dont care because no one would ever know unless you are specifically looking for something.

1/ nope
2/ bad
3/ mostly blabla, nothing done about it, like bots
4/ nope
5/ it’s the same from the start. We’ll have to see once we see the artist.
6/ more than ever. The more the content becomes old more gatekeeping happens.

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  1. No, its worse than ever because there are much less player.
  2. Bad. Compared to Vykas its really bad.
  3. You can RMT all you want. If you are doing smart they will never catch you.
  4. No
  5. A few user here did throw the tantrum then they dissappeared. We dont know how the censorship gonna be so lets wait it first.
  6. Yeah and its bad and just going to be worse.
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Play the game. And if u dont like it. Deinstall. Atleast its F2P.

Asking questions that feels like some troll Bait.


out of all those I think the shadowhunter skin is the only one that still has some hope

Seems like he’s asking some pretty normal questions to me. Why do you reply like you work for Amazon or something? If people are discussing real problems about the game, that makes them trolls?

beating dead horse currently
if they ban 180k concurrent bots, the real playerbase would be floated above
then we shall divide it by 40 of 50 (the real ammount of servers ^^)

1.- Bots won’t EVER dissapear, bots are a thing on everysingle game, there are a lot on this game cuz it’s easier and hella profitable.
2.- Fine
3.- They ban RMT but not so often
4.- Nothing to be “fixed” on her transformation, she is gray she born that way don’t be rascist.
5.- Noone cares cuz most people aren’t pedos.
6.- Exist and will always exist just like in any other mmorpg.

Captcha not introduced again, since AGS/SG knows the whole AH infrastructure will collapse if not for bots. Imagine an MMO relying 99% on Bots for in game Market circulations! Sheesh that’s really bad! shows how bad the grind is!

Then again Clown above.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:someone is panicking, that their game’s player base is dwindling fast and replaced only by bots!!!
Cuz theres going to be a new king in town and its Diablo 4(fingers crossed)

It’s very playable in my opinion, don’t ask the forum regular user. Many of them are lifeless losers and can only see the problems with the game. Then proceeded to spend 10 hours a day complaining on the forum.

Honing is much easier now, and if you only push 1 - 2 chars, the other 4 alts are gold earners. It’s comfortable to play with for 3 - 4 hours a day. (1 - 2 hours if you don’t care about alts and only push main, we get 60 - 100+ free pheons monthly, so Blue Crystal price are the problem for people with many active alts)

Bots are still a problem, but it’s not like the other f2p game doesn’t have bots. They don’t inflate gold like they used to so that’s a pros, most of the gold sources are from players doing Legion raids.

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  1. Not quite and it will never be completely solved but they are actively trying new methods to mitigate the issue (e.g. CAPTCHA, AH daily listing limit, ilevel 1375 to list trade materials, etc.). There are ban waves that happen behind the scenes but communication is sparse.
  2. Gold inflation exists and is a problem but the frog vendor helps deflate the gold in the game. The issue is that not enough whales are needing gold right now (hence the blue crystal prices rise). This is in part by bots, but mostly because the whales aren’t honing (they’re already 1590) or upgrading other aspects.
  3. RMT has always and will always be a bannable offense. There are cases of people being banned but there doesn’t seem to be any transparency on the issue (e.g. specific numbers of players caught).
  4. No the shadow hunter transformation has not be adjusted since it was updated.
  5. The reaction to artist’s censorship has been mostly split into two groups: (1) the vocal outrage (likely minority) group that is very upset about the changes, and (2) the silent “whatever” group who are probably okay with it and won’t notice. The changes seem minimal to me.
  6. Gatekeeping is a very big problem for new players. There are a number of proposed ideas to try and mitigate the issue but none have been implemented so far. The best advice I can give to new or returning players is to find a guild or group willing to help you with learning runs. Be warned that using the party finder is highly not recommended for new or returning players as it may take hours to get let into a group (or in the case of creating your own, no one may join).

Game is in an decent state atm, there are some problems that need to be fixed but the core game is still great… and they are making progress on the bots at least on my server… hopefully the new captcha system will deter more bots…

I really like the combat/raids/skins of Lost Ark and not sure what Blue Protocol will offer.