Returning player, thinking about starting over

I quit a few months ago. Is there a way to delete my account to start over? If not, if I start over on a different server, would it still be like starting fresh or would I be locked out of items / packs from the shop I already purchased?

you would be locked out of the items and packs if you redeemed them already on your prior server.

Is there any reason you want to start over fresh tho?

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I feel like i wasted knowledge transfers and misused things. Now that I know much more about the game I like want to do things right etc.

If I was in your shoes, I would not start over. Knowledge transfer is not really useful for the most part anymore since we keep getting these express paks and punika passes. If you just came back, do the following:
If you like your current main and you are still below 1370, use the hyper express on that character.
That should get your to at least 1370 most likely 1385.
Then use your Punika pass on a new alt character to get it to 1302. Hone this character to 1310 since it cost almost nothing.

Then just funnel your mats from your alt to your main until you reach 1415. Then switch your focus back to your alt and get it to 1370. By the time you have done this, we will be getting a new round of passes with the Machinist, and you can ether boost that character or another one to add to your alt collection.

Starting over is not a good idea, T1 & T2 have very few players anymore so you will be playing by yourself most of the time. So unless you just don’t want to play with anyone, don’t restart.

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if you start a new server you start from 0

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Knowledge transfers are useful! Not everyone can afford or want to buy a Powerpass with RL money. And Powerpasses are not a permanent event! The current one is usable until 28.September after that there wont be another one for the Machinist release. So no one knows when they will give another free Powerpass away! The only Option would be the purchasable one and like i said, not everyone can or wants to pay with rl money for it, so knowledge transfer is still pretty useful… :blush:

If I were you. I’d avoid coming back. The game’s not worth it. You’ll feel so much better not playing it.


Don’t. You won’t be able to do field bosses and other group activities. Game’s dead sans t3

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Packs that are perma-limited are tied to overall account not roster, so you will be locked out of those. Also you won’t gain any of the previous packs you bought if already used. Afaik you can’t delete an account, really you can’t even clear a roster as there will always be 1 character remaining as main character who can’t be deleted.

So you would either need to create a new steam account(not sure on ToS rules on this).
Accept the loss and create on another server.

Now if it is worth it is subjective and depends on how much side content you had done and roster progression. Catching back up ilvl wise isn’t as bad due to honing buffs, but side content and pre-t3 stuff can be a pain due to how few are doing it.

Not sure why your asking other people? Your going to get people that hate the game and like the game commenting.

This is a choice you should make, do you enjoy the game and want to come back/start over? If yes, do just that.

If not, then don’t.