Returning to Lost ark and lost all my character

Hello, I’m coming back to the game but sadly I can’t find my characters back. I’ve check all the Europe Servers and there is no character on any of them.

Could you help me please, i’ve already played a lot on this account…

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Maybe you were playing on the server before that was merged with other one. Try looking somewhere for a Universal storage or something like that, that should have all your characters. Can’t remember where exactly tho as it was a while ago

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I’ve logged on a new character but I can’t find the Universal Storage you are talking about. Do you know if I need to reach a certain lvl?

You can find out more info on the server merges here:

Find out where your old server was merged to and connect to the new server. Old characters should be in universal storage.

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The universal storage is on the character selection screen bottom right side. The only thing you must find is the right server they are on now. Do you know the old server name?

I can’t remember, I guess i’ll try them all

Well i’ve created a new character on each Server and there is nothing…

Make sure you’re in the right region.

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Hi @bryan0901

Hope you are doing well!

I’m sorry that you are no able to find your character from the universal storage when you tried to get back to the game.

Since you don’t remember the same of you old sever. Do you remember the name of your characters or characters you have? And also please tell me the character class and character level and the region name your are on. In order to make a little research to verify in which your characters are.

I’ll be waiting for your reply! :wolf:

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