Reveal sellers name on Auction House... (Or add pheons to gems)

Since people are using Auction House to sell/trade RMT stuff yet knowing server wide but this will help combat people who acually buying/selling gold

example ^ low level gems being sold higher price (smells like RMT gold buyers) so having thier name reveal will shame and will scare buyers or maybe add pheons to prevent this (as temp fix)

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how would this stop rmt exactly? If anything it’ll make it easier to trade between players since you can search exactly who to buy from.

Most if not all online games that has any form of trading or AH already saves logs for every market transaction or trade


Reveling their names will shame and scare no one. Also, AGS has data (names included) of sellers/buyers.

Just because we can’t see the names, doesn’t mean AGS or SG can’t see them. They surely have a whole feature set for each transaction, probably using player ID not names.

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Duuuuh… Otherwise, how’d the stuff get sent back if it didn’t sell? :wink:

Also: Auctions are not server wide, they are region wide(*). So 90% of any names would not even be from your server.

(*): There were several instances where we had a “auctions in the xxx region are wonky…” warning. It never was “Auctions on server yyy dont work”.

i would think even without showing the names of sellers amazon can already tell which two players are part of the transaction already

if anything opening up seller names will just lead to harassment from people trying to lowball offer you

Wouldn’t that make it easier for people to RMT because now the seller can be sure they’re buying from the right person…

Amazon can already tell who’s participating in the transaction anways…

Without names you can grief them by listing the same item at the same price.

They should make the same like with direkt playertrading. Non trusted steamaccount, not able to use AH. Then monitor the highvalue trading of low value stuff and permaban both accounts. (if I wanna give a friend some gold, I trade him directly, cuz I can. Everything goin to this direction in AH is RMT.)

Does it work?

i like how you think :slight_smile:

Holy shyt who the hell is buying so much gold!!

Whales need the gold for lv10 gems

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Lowkey want to place random gems on the AH hoping for some dumb botter to buy my one hahahah :joy:

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They should also add a “Stone” emote, so other heroes can stone the buyers hero while it walks a path of shame.

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