Revert Express event max item level requirement

The express event should be used by characters above 1445 like in other regions.
I understand this restriction happened on the first express event when people were clueless using theirs on main instead of alt & such.
This restriction should be lifted/reverted.
@Roxx @ShieldMaiden


I think there’s a good case for this since it’s the first time an express event is going to target the same ilvl again… unless Western/Global players still need the guardrails because they’re incapable of understanding the ramifications of using it on their main again.

Appreciate this feedback @Aladyaa and @noinaitan I can send this on.

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There should just be a huge warning popup if you use it on high level character.

people dont read

you see it every day here at the forum , with what dump things people come up with because they didnt read correctly or at all

they just click away them without reading