Review from a player 553 hrs in

As title suggests, I’ve put in quite a lot of hours into a game and the last time I did so was probably BDO RPGwise and CSGO/valorant non-RPGwise. I’ve bought the gold pack only and my non-thinking brain bought some crystals to buy the omen skin without thinking of it could be in the shop (never again)

tldr; having friends to play with truly does take your mind off of everything and like in any game, having a buddy always makes the time apent 2000% more worth.

Basically I have been having a blast. Currently sitting at 1385 and just doing everything and anything to make gold. I have 2 alts both 1340 and 1 more at 1100 (too lazy to go through Punika).

Endgame currently is what i expected and so although I do view it as a chore (daily una, chaos, guardian) I’m cool with it since like any mmorpg (or rpg in general) endgame is a chore. However, the big difference is that i skip chaos, guardians and unas if i simply don’t feel like doing them, i put bifrost to complete my unas in like 10 secs depending on my loading screen and i only really prioritize chaos and guardian on my t3 chars because they give me gold.

Why am i cool with this? Reason is simply I’ve experienced it before and I expected it. Sure some things can or need to be changed but it’s not game breaking for me.

I enjoy these brain-numbing activities because at the end of the day, this is a game and it’s my CURRENT get away from the real life daily grind.

Right now, i feel that i am not in any hurry for anything and I’m just chilling trying to make gold and figure out best time to start stocking up. (Unfortunately it is beneficial to reach endgame content first week of release since that’s where all the money is at and more money in your pockets means no worries after)

My daily activity is just that while i chat with buddies on a discord.

My only suggestion would be to find a buddy or a community that shares your perspective on the game. Like anything in life, if you go in with a negative perspective, chances are you will find more negativity than positivity.


Una server berserker Athalas.

I realized there isn’t too much feedback about the game in my post but i was just writing whatever was on top of my head.

I do enjoy alts as you can see as it adds variety to the game. Well, regarding anything else I am not too lazy to give my review on it but if you comment and ask, I wouldn’t mind giving my thoughts on it.

steam tells me i’m at 870 hours, tho a lot of that is afk i have an alt at 1390+ and 2 alts at 1340. recent roadmap reveal kinda drove my motivation to continue down a bit since it seems i’m still only going to be able to log into my alts since i saw nothing about them fixing the bug stopping me from logging into the main class i made back in november :c .

i enjoyed some of the fights in the game quite a bit (such as velganos, prob my fav) and don’t really have an issue with honing as it’s better than the upgrade systems i’ve had in previous games i played. the daily things i mostly find enjoyable though fighting the same guardian twice a day is a little annoying at least yoho is still not a bad fight so i don’t mind it.
the amount of horizontal content is pretty nice.

i’m also not really in a hurry for anything as i can do all content currently in the game and valtan is so far away that i’ll probably be ready for hardmode by the time it comes out.

the only issue i have with the game is the bug stopping me from playing summoner.

You lost me at CSGO

Yes, i agree on a lot of the things you have mentioned, I’m happy we got a roadmap as it’s something to look forward to.

Guardians, twice daily is one of the chores i mind more than the others because it can easily be changed to a 1 time a day thing but it is what it is sadly.

Regarding different classes and in your case, the summoner, it is a pity that they aren’t being released as soon as majority of people have hoped for. I personally want to play lancemaster, artist etc so I’m thankful i got 1 out of the many. I’m biding my time with different classes and i enjoy the change in playstyles when having to swap over.

Right now, I’m selling all unbound mats, accessories etc while stockpiling bound mats. The gold total adds up overtime and by the time Valtan comes out I’ll probably have enough bound mats and gold to brute force my way over hopefully.

I play different genres of video games.