Revoking Crystaline Aura from People that abused the Attendance rewards

"When we opened the Europe West region we put a special daily attendance login event in place to help players progress. Unfortunately Crystalline Aura and Crystals were obtainable rewards, which created an unintended scenario that allowed players to redeem upwards of 352 days of Crystalline Aura on their accounts. We quickly swapped these out for new rewards (Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1 x10 and Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x10), but we understand the frustration around the change. While we won’t be banning players who took advantage of this error, to maintain a fair atmosphere we will be revoking Crystalline Aura that was obtained from the event.

We will host an additional login attendance event again in March exclusively for players in Europe West. This event will contain updated rewards, and we’ll share more details in the near future."

I got 14 days of aura moving to EUW so can i have a F in chat , because certain people abuse it everyone gets caught in this , not complaining if they doing it to punish the exploiters i guess everyone is caught in that.

Did you also miss the part where they’re holding an event to remedy that specifically for toons on EUW? Like you know it was just right there.

what that has to do with removing aura , is not like they will do the same mistake
but ye i’ll edit and put here

Just simple selling mats that low level alts make can get you 30 days of crystalline aura per day per alt.

ye i agree , Current prices on my server conversion is around 700-800 gold per 95 crystals

you cant honestly shame the players for doing this, ESPECIALLY when no compensation have been given about lost aura etc on EUC, honestly

what about that part where we were without our aura for weeks and got no compensation?