Reward not received for 50 Friend Achievement

I just completed the 50 friend achievement "[People Person] and it said "The Roster Reward has been sent. Open your mailbox or Universal Storage to claim the reward. I got random stronghold items that I don’t remember from before I logged out the night before. I logged out and restarted it and still nothing…is it bugged?

Hello @Meegee, welcome to the Lost Ark Forums

I’m sorry to hear about this issue with your game, before we start working on a solution I wanna know if you have done any sort of troubleshooting so I can take that into consideration?

I’ll be waiting!


I have not done any troubleshooting.

Understood, while I continue to research for a solution please try this:

*Relaunch the game.

Let me know if the issue persist after these steps!


Issue is still persisting. All my files for the game have been validated successfully.

Can you please check the Guide option and check if you see Universal Storage?

thank you found the items.

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Wonderful! Have fun in Arkesia!