RFLOL! They even walled shards!

Not only they limit players gameplay with 1000 different currencies like energy, stronghold energy, work energy, timers, counts, pheons, daily limits, weekly limits, limited availability, restrictions, but to make sure that no one plays, they even raise the price of items you can buy with shards you get from the Chaos Dungeon, so you don’t do Chaos Dungeons all day, cause that would mean you are playing the game.

And one thing SMG sure doesn’t want is you playing their game! xD

Why again did you bother release the game btw, if you were gonna wall and paywall, or just pure wall every turns of the game?



And now we get a new area tomorrow where theyve put a month long wall up on the content other than story mode…

At this point, they should wall story mode too with “Stamina”. They would give you 100 stamina. Each NPC you talk to burns 5 stamina. Each story quest u do burns 10 stamina.

Please visit our Shop to purchase Stamina potions for only 25$ limited to 99 purchases a week. Stamina potions would of course only regenerate 25 Stamina.

I’m telling you, if SMG reads this post, I’m hired as CEO.