RIDICULOUS FOUNDER PACK I want refund or character transfer

It is absolutely unacceptable to turn off character creation on servers before the game has even launched. I’ve invested 15 hours and my entire founder’s pack on a character on the kazeros server. With character creation being turned off on that server, I have two options, and both suck:

  1. Lost my 15 hours and all my Founder’s Pack items to play on a different server, or 2) Not play with my friends, ALL of whom didn’t start with Early Access.

ridiculous I can’t open another founder pack on another server, I was forced to change servers because the server I’m on is full


This is exactly the same situation that I’m in right now and I am so disappointed.
I was the only one of my friends that got the early access and I already used my Platinum Founder Pack only to find at F2P launch they locked my server so now I can’t play with my friends.
I don’t want a watered down founder pack on a new server. I’m not getting all the perks that I spent that $100 to obtain.
My friends were literally waiting all day to join my server and it’s locked. I’m so annoyed. They should either refund the founders packs or give us a server transfer.
All the hours invested by some over the last few days seems wasted.


Yeah it feels like a sick joke. Very disappointed with their “resolution” plans.


Yes make a system migration server, I want play with my friends. this impossibility is discouraging people from my guild to play, as we all wanted to play together.

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This sounds like my situation too

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who ever is incontrole of server is incompetent on a next lvl
founder can only play on founder server right now and F2P can only play on the new server so i cant even play with my friends that didnt buy founder so when the lockdown is over one of us have to remake our character
because as it is right now what is the point in 3day head start if no one can play with your friends that didnt buy founder

get that server transfer in place with in the next week so you can play with friends

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this is literally the dumbest idea of a resolution to a problem that a game company could come out with. if u fear that the servers will be overcrowded, you open more server, and not lock the original ones

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100% same situation here. I am ao angry right now.

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Is this temporary or permanent ? i also whanted to play with my friends

the server lock in temporary but one of you have to remake your character because you cant move it to a new server so there are no real point in playing til its unlocked for the one that will have to delete his character

My friends play in Kazeros server and they already almost lvl 50 and in a guild already, going to other server is most likely impossible , i think i’l just wait for Kazeros to allow us to create our Characters again. Thx for the reply tho! (i’m new to the game so i wont lose anything)

Same here and its very frustrating. I regret buying the founders pack at all.

To add insult to injury they give a “platinum pack” with half of the features. Was it really hard to just make it the same?


Ah okay. I don’t know you but…bye.

Server I started on with founders pack full, have not been able to even login for 2 hours with over 12k queue, absolute joke. EVERY server listed for Central Europe is listed as full. If I change to a new server I WANT my founders pack in full that I paid for. At the moment you sell me something then dont let me access it !

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Even though i dont have a founders pack, i got the starters pack and im in the exact same boat. Its literally money lost just to play with friends.

This is what i was told by this CS rep for my situation.

When i actually called amazon for a refund on my digital purchase. I was basically told it was a loss and i qoute, “It is what it is.” Its just $68 bucks, nbd right?

Yea… reading this is starting to make me lose my temper… im off to write a steam review

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You can ask your bank to do a chargeback. This may help you and hopefully if enough people do this amazon will listen and try to fix these clear mess-ups and really dumb way of handling all this.

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