Ridiculously long loading times, but with exceptions

I’ve been playing LA since launch, and I’ve been having increasingly longer loading times since then. Swapping characters or entering a zone/dungeon takes an average of 30 seconds, sometimes longer.

I’ve always attributed this to my 10 year old CPU, since many CPU-intensive operations give my old PC a beating. So, I never looked into it that much.

That being said, a couple of days ago I swapped my game to window-mode (and lowered the resolution) so I could picture-in-picture while I watched a World Cup game. And weirdly, loading times literally shortened by like 3 to 4 times. This was the only modification: no other graphic performance options, no driver updates, no console commands.

Why does windowed-mode have such a drastic impact in loading times, compared to the usual full-sized-borderless window mode? Maybe there is something I can do within my setup to fix this issue. Thank you for your time and your suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @tangoformica

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Thank you for your post , I’m sorry you experienced this problem with a longer loading time.

About the resolution the difference will depend on some factors like your native resolution but in most cases, fullscreen mode will have a greater performance as compared to windowed as it’s running in exclusive mode which places a higher priority on the running game.

The app or game is running inside a window that doesn’t cover your whole screen might help to improve the performance.
This because the game is not using the whole screen so is reducing the effort on your PC , we recommend to use this window mode if you have issues playing the game because of the specs on your PC or if you play on a laptop to reduce the temperature too.

In regards of the loading times increased please try this troubleshooting steps :

Thank you for the patience have an excellent week.


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