Rielvarr ruins any news?

sooo is there any news about the loading being fixed? i can’t progress the game storyline asd

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I don’t understand why there’s been no word on this. I expected it to be a couple of hours hotfix but even so more important than how long,just let us know where it is at. Are you having trouble indetifying it, not yet come up with a solution. No time estimate at all or will you bundle the fix with weekly maintence.
There’s no other urgent issue regarding direct gameplay and active content you’d stay quiet about. Makes it seem like “ah it’s only south vern, they can do without the game still works” Which is true yet at the same time sad. Simply keeping us in a honest loop would totally elimate this. And do so much without requiring a lot. Most sensible players are just like you and I. They won’t care or lash about the time it takes. As long as you give them honesty and nice treatment. Very few that would even imagine lashing out over it and that is a incredibly small miniority. Let the rest of us work with you and count on each other, we want to long as you give us a reason to do so qq :frowning: <3


You won’t get anything on the weekends, sadly.

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@MiyaYu they posted this 2 days ago, what you’re asking for they already did you just had to take a look…

I already knew about this but thanks for your attempt to help. Just wanted to be able to give any additional information to the multiple players ingame thst doesn’t interact with either forums or twitter.
Such as “they will continue working on a solution on monday” or it won’t be able before weekly reset etc as example :slightly_smiling_face:

I just discovered this “content down for maintenance” BS myself pushing my 4th alt through South Vern.

This is amateur hour BS, how long is this going to take to resolve? I mean this is just holding back an alt for me but what about the people just getting here with their first character? Locked out of progress for a week? 2? How long until they resolve this?

Bruh, its a big holiday weekend in America. Nobody is going to be working.

Chill out. Play an alt. Go outside. Call your mom or something. They’ll fix it soon.

That is no excuse, this is a 24/7 service and on weekends/holidays more people are playing since they don’t have to work. By your rationale the servers could crash on Friday nights and as long as they got them up and running again on Monday during business hours no big deal right?

Classic troll with a false equivalency. The entire game crashing is one thing that is clearly an emergency, while identifying a bug, then coding a fix, testing the fix, and deploying the fix that effects a small minority of players is quite another indeed.

Go touch some grass.

Classic troll laying a smokescreen for a company they want to white knight.

i can’t progress my main because of this and i need to complete south vern to unlock the chaos dungeons lol