Rift Pieces from express event?

The ones you get for the Feiton mission, you get 1k but they’re inventory items not currency so you can’t even use them to buy maps??


Same thing here. The vendor does not even recognize they exist… Is this a bug or did we miss something?

haven’t claimed these yet. Are they consumables that you can use? Could be similar to pheons/feathers in terms of behavior.

They are placed in your inventory, like pheons would be, but you click on them and nothing happens.

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I’m having the same issue. I can’t seem to do anything with them, nor do they count towards my Rift Piece currency count.

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same here :frowning:

Thanks for providing the screenshot. I hope they will fix this soon.

Same thing here

Between this and the whole ‘the purple engraving bags are missing several engraving options’ I think this has officially hit a new low for LOA. The question is, are we at full on New World level screwed up yet, or are we still failing the honing for that?

Yeah seems to be bugged as they dont work. Cant do anything with those rift pieces atm.
@Roxx could you confirm?

vouch - same problem here

I know why! Cause this express pass is old as fuck, from a time where rift pieces were actual items and not an inventory currency.

Notice how book selectors also don’t have adrenaline as an option - there was no adrenaline back then

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this makes a lot of sense, hope they patch it soon

I always side with the devs when it comes to games as good as Lost Ark but this mistake is solely laziness… They simply just copy and paste from an old event. Most like a really old patch from the Korean server. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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