Right clicking names in chat not working?

Hello, I’m a returning player and for some reason I can’t right click anyone’s name in chat. It shows the gear symbol when I hover over someones name but it doesn’t allow me to pull up the menu that I remember there used to be so I can easily whisper people or even block them. I’ve also tried combinations like alt+right click and ctrl+right click. Anyone know how to do it?

Ctrl + Right Click
If it doesn’t work, go to character or server select to basically relog.
No idea what is causing this issue, but it happens to me sometimes during raids. Which is bad when I try to transfer raid lead

I think it has something to do with dcing and being party leader at the same time cause i got a guy in my group during thunderwing and dc’d. He came back and give him back pt leader. He couldnt ctrl+right click on any name to invite in chatbox.

DC causes this issue.

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