Right mindset, still wrong solution

Continuing the discussion from February Bot Prevention Measures Update:

Why don’t you guys hire a team to help narrow down the bot origins and nip it in the bud. These changes show effort, for change, which I want as ‘bots’ are a PITA however you now impose the strangest limitations and preventions that are like HUH?

Just get to the source of these bots. Stop making these odd changes that make our game inherently different than the KR release. I feel like we are getting a ‘watered down’ version of an amazing game.

I put a lot of hours into the game playing as well as investing money for market and skin transactions. The least you could do is find the ‘right’ cause and not impose the incorrect solution.

Ultimately you guys have pure intentions and are in the right mindset but wrong solution yet again.

Find right cause, deploy right solution, that being the one that has the least impact on play and every day activity and that is the most effective against bots. :+1: