Right mouse click to move doesnt work sometimes in instance content (argos, abyss dungeons etc)

I have had this bug sometimes in instance content were suddenly my right click to move wont actually do anything, it happens randomly seemingly and sometimes for just a click and other times for a second or two.

Nothing seems to be wrong with my mouse I have tried to emulate the problem outside of the game but I can never see my right click not work, as well as I have tried to emulate the problem outside of instance content and I cant experience it there ither.

Only within 4-8man content have I felt it happened and it did happened multiple times, read some posts about clicking on unviable terrain or on a boss/nameplate might have issues but I am unsure if this is something other people have also experienced or if it might be something wrong with my game or my equipment

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I experience it everyday, and I hate it. It messes up my skill rotation and my kiting in general.