R.I.P epic engravings inside the chest said (tradeable)

Just ripped 10 epic engravings because they were suggested to be tradable after I opened the chest. This was from the 1340 welcome challenge chest. Anyways, they are NOT tradeable thanks again. I’d have some choice bad words to add in if it wouldn’t be censored!

It says on the chest “Items obtained from this chest are untradable.”

Reading comprehension problems on your part mate, there’s literally a giant red triangle with a ! mark that says ITEMS OBTAINED FROM THIS CHEST ARE UNTRADABLE.

Hello Mister, are you fully crazy? Not from this world?

You expect people. To read. Carefully.

Before posting a useless complaint about something based on their own dumbness?

Sorry, you must be new to this planet, this is not how things work here!

If you hover over the engravings they say tradeable …

By your very own words, they do not say “Tradeable” they say “Bound”… because otherwise you would not be here to complain, right? :wink:

Check the chest they come from, if it says


it does not matter what the content’s preview tooltips say.

I very SPECIFICALLY said “If you hover over the engravings they say tradeable in big white letters”. GO LOOK for yourself.

where did you get "bound’ from in this entire thread?

ok so some things do matter and some things do matter. in this case ‘contents preview’ don’t. which contradiction to choose…?

Because the engravings you hover over are simply engravings, which ARE tradable, when they come from other sources. Don’t look at engravings, look at the chest they come from, this will tell you if those specific engravings from that specific chest are tradable or not. Kinda interesting how you got to 1340 without ever noticing it, there well so many chests along the way that followed the same pattern, some tradable, some not, and it clearly says on the chest what you can expect.

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