RIP Lost Ark Feb 8 - 2023

The PVP island is going to butcher servers!!! PVE going to be far more than HELL.
Already PVE is hell with Gatekeep, Bussing and constant DCs.
I know this from Elder scrolls online experience, this will not bode well.

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You get rewards even when you lose.

Gonna binge half of netflix getting all pvp island rewards by autoattacking with monitor off.


Ah yes, surely a 48vs48 is comparably to cyrodil with a population cap of 1800 in term of server stress

oh come on

go play tetris instead

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It was said, it’s a failure in KR and most of them did once time and never again, yet we will get it.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at with this post.

Are you saying people will gatekeeper the pvp island? Because they can’t lol

Are you saying the servers will be overloaded due to too many people online? Because it won’t lol

Are you trying to say this will create open world pvp? Because it doesn’t lol

It might have been wiser to have PvP disabled for 1 week and let the PvE players do their horizontal content on Rowen. Though they’ll probably do it either way and/or Rowen will die out fast after initial interest.

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I hope that map dies fast, gawd I only play this game for the raids. I escaped “ESO” for its horrible PVP focus, and its constant server crashes faster than light, because of clogged pvp map.

I really hope it gonna be massive reward and will punish afkers (for real, not the joke like capture event)

enough of the carebears


PvP in this game is pure garbage, OPvP ain’t better so it depends on how long the whale remain interested.


According to some of the Korean streamers, if you’re doing the MSQ, you can’t be attacked by another player on Rohen.

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Always a new player making a doomer post. You posted shitvyou don’t understand and come with your ‘‘it won’t work BC I’m from this game’’.
Lost ark is just another game you will quit

im 100% sure if people complete the rewards from Rowen this continent will be empty after 4 weeks or 2 months at most
Considering how unbalanced and stupid open world pvp is in this game

Just don’t pick a faction at the end of Rowen’s main quest and you’ll be fine.

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You just don’t pick a faction or just do it on an alt or just pay gold for the protection lmao, clueless.

endurance 1805, swift 630 with 5x3 HA, Fortitude, Strong Will, Cursed Doll, Precise Dagger + Betrayal Set + Momoaka Full Set Pala … Standby at rowen. Murder, Death, Kill mode on GREEN !!!

what island?

Don’t be sad D4 is coming ,we play game for fun if no fun anymore just put down for a while , do not mind

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Yeah purchased the Ultimate edition already!!! Still have Wo-Long, Wild hearts, Atomic heart and RE4 remake pre ordered :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: