RIP new players


I would like to point out one huge problem that the changes in the game cause and it has a huge effect on new players and the eventual impossibility of leveling up.

Back story: I created a character on a different server than I usually play so that I don’t have to buy the character slots expansion. I bought a pass to Vern and did a quest line up to Punica.

T1/T2: The early stages of the game are now quite a joke, thanks to the challenge Abyssal dungeons, honing can be mastered in a day.

T3/1335+: The thing that surprised me is 1335+, where 1 tap honing requires approx. 35-60 gold and the road to 1370 is still quite long. Those of us who are further into the game can’t imagine it, but for new players it’s almost impossible to get further, or it takes a long time or they have to pay with a credit card.

Combat against bots affects new players many times more than the bots themselves. In the game for a new player in T3 it is currently almost impossible to move up and to get to at least 1370 is a matter of maybe even a few months.

Ways to get gold:
Una’s Token - If you are a fresh T3, you will receive 475 Tokens, which is about 2000 gold (annoying to do, maybe even impossible to fulfill for one character)
Abyssal Dungeon - About 1000 gold - You can only go normal, I waited 30 minutes for a group today, with the fact that clear takes another hour, because it is low level.
Collectibles/books: The only thing that can be sold on the market are books and collectibles, initially without significant and basically 0 gold.

You can’t sell life skill materials, you can’t sell honing materials.

In addition to all this, you still have to invest in the currently expensive Simple Oreha Fusion Material, and that’s not even counting stronghold research, which also costs gold.

In the end, if you are not a bot that can play 24/7 or someone doesn’t send you golds, then the journey from 1100–>1370 can realistically be for 3+ months, unless you take your mom’s credit card or you don’t have friends with golds.

Gratz to Amazon that he was able to kill the game even more and we don’t have to count on new players in the future, or with a large minimum.

If I missed something, please correct me.



a 3 weeks ago , i did pretty much the same in created on a diffrent server a char

took me 6 days to reach 1370 ! at launch i need 8 weeks , by similar playtime

thats your personal thought how to get gold

the real money maker is : Marketplace

i startet with 1000 gold which i recieved while i was lvling from lifeskill and turned it into goods via Stronghold ( paid for nothing than vern powerpass)

took me 5 days to have 10k gold , could get everything i needed to reach 1370

after that i bought my first bus in my entire Lost ark playtime
took me one more week on casual logging in and doing daily and weekly stuff to reach 1415

yes im experienced
yes i knew how to make gold and from what

but, a new player normally has so much to figure out anyways, most new players dont want to reach 1370 in 3 days ,they are fine to take their time and have fun to reach some smaller goals

its sad that you think because you dont know how to figure out to make fast gold everyone else cant aswell

there are soooo many youtube tutorials to make gold which are still on point even that some are 10 month old

every mokoko has the posibility to do so

and when bots need less than 2 weeks to reach 1370 without swiping , players can aswell


can you tell me how you get into 1370 in 6 days?
is it full island or what?
my main account is full roster 1520+
but im currently creating alt account full roster support to help my brother doing vykas normal

ive been logged in and just claim daily login w/o doing anything because if i remember all those gearing on my main to get 1370 it hurt my head

I played the game
Like i said did a vern powerpass

then played Rohendel and honed
PLayed Yorn and honed
Played Feiton and honed
Played Punika did some daily weekly stuff → bought from my gold i earned from the marketplace the mats and honed

thats against the games ToS
you shouldnt admit illegal things on an official forum …

“a 3 weeks ago”
Dont need to comment on this as you are not speaking about current state of the game and problem i am talking about.

i believe its not
someone posted it before and mods said its fine as long as im not playing it at the same time / multiboxing

assuming 6 day to reach tier 3 w/o island
you pass each tier just by doing 3 days, aight thats cool

and on top of that, first time tower doesnt give u mats

i believe 100%

explain to me whats the diffrence between

3 weeks ago and today ?
honing mats got even cheaper since Anyversiary event
prices for goods you can craft in your stronghold rised since then

so for me it would apply i would have gotten 1370 even cheaper now than 3 weeks ago

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If you watch the game updates, you would know, that until 1375 you cant sell T3 mats or life skill mats now. I know where to make gold, but when i cant sell anything on market its not that easy, bro.

you guys know that we will get the update soon where up to 1460 i think you can hone with 0 gold you only need silver

what you talking about ? i never said i sell lifeskill or honing materials

i said i did lifeskill and turned it into crafted materials and that is what i have sold
and from that said gold i bought honing mats

like i said , it seems you dont know how to make gold in Lost ark
and thats fine
but , there are plenty of ways how to make gold every day in less than 30 minutes per day

on my main server i spend daily abaout 30-45 minutes to make 15-30k profit , every day , just from using the market place

im not even do all my possible 18 raids per week
i even spend 10 hours every week in pvp battleground , which gives you only 20k gold in mats every week

i just do things i have fun with , im not even do on my main , which is 1560 , my homework every day, all i do is play with rested bonus

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at this point, you should have just believe what he’s about to say @November

I think it’s enough.

The problem would disappear overnight if SGs increases drop rate of legendary cards or add another incentive to visit low ilvl dungeons. It’s quite boring to one shot boss only to have slim chance of getting something.

Is that still the thing rapport reputation does not give gold anymore?

pretty hard to guess since i have not even one friend who just started, i did the same as you and it took me like 5 days to reach 1370, and like another 8days for 1415. but its also true that this was possible due to knowledge of the game, not sure if i could do it if i was just a newie.

You can also do Life skills to craft and sale pots / fusion materials / consumables. there is a means to do things if you take your time with the game.

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I feel so bad for them, they have honing boosts, free oreha buses ( card runners ), full market of 100 quality bis legendary accessories DIRT CHEAP.
While I had to farm spots for 2 weeks to sell adventure tome’s drops for couple of gold to be able to hone up and running Orehas with 1 engraving and rainbow stats supportless party of low levels cause I couldn’t afford me to buy anything that time.


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but at least we experienced the excitement doing all the abyss dungeon pre nerfed
ughhh, beaten by brelshaza meteor bcs someone cant aim laser properly and not having enough damage hitting undersea alien boss until enrage
and all of those suffering just for few hundred gold…
meanwhile t1 and t2 stone were 10++gold per 10pcs

Mate, they forbid players without a character 1370+ from selling trade skill items, so yeah you’re not talking about the current state of affairs.

I’m impressed by how bad the situation looks from the perspective of new players.

Welp, at least they can enjoy 10% less damage taken …if they manage to find a matchmaking to even use that buff.

perhaps you did not read all what i wrote ?

at the current state mokokos cant sell before 1375 :

Lifeskill raw materials

20 slots of everything else they can sell

if you make bombs or granades or Oreha-fusion materials in your stronghold with it, you can sell it

so the state for new players are still better than 1 year ago
you can flip so much
you get so much more gold in less time than one year ago
you need just less than 50% on honing mats per hone , with higher % chance

OP just played inefficient.
because one player made a bad experience does not mean every mokoko has the same bad experience

joined the party too late , game’s already dead :joy:

is specially hard to new players without trusted status, all the gold guides and how to make gold are obsolete due to all the changes, you basicallyy rely on the weekly resets to make some gold from dungeons wich is only used for honing and upgrading the stronghold and maybe some crystals if your card library gets full, besides that all items you wear are the items you find on that specific character because you cannot even give items you found to the other alts and vice versa, i found only 1 content cretor willingly playing the game ssf and after 5 months he is still on 3x3 engravings