RIP PVP will be dead now

With the ending of season 1 and them not starting season 2 until some distant future we will be losing our tier rank as well as the inability to raise our tier rank and gain weekly coins for the shop. This was literally the only reason 90% of the playerbase even put up with PvP. They have literally just nailed the coffin on PvP for global. Well played AGS/SG.

A slightly salty sadge pvp player

So the new season will not start immediately after the end of season 1?

Correct. No date when it will either.

Oh no. So acutally I can start a withdrawal (in terms of addiction) now cause its not sure it will ever come back?

Hype marketing

Wait, pvp isn’t already dead? If anything this is good… Maybe they’ll update the matchmaking system so it’s not complete trash.


What you mean “now”. This implies it wasnt already.

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Was it too much to ask for a bit more notice for the end of the season, something like 1 month in advance?

Been taking it easy farming for Supreme 7 and now I have a reset and a half to get 90k points >.<

wtf why season 2 wont start right over? I guess ill just do dailies untill the season starts… this sucks… and they better fucking fix that ranked match-making

Competitive Ranks and Ratings are compressed based on previous season performance.

what does it mean ?

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I was not expecting the season to end like this. As a player that has been getting closer to Supreme 7 to get the relic crest. I think a few more weeks should’ve been given prior to ending this season, giving players more time to think if they should or not invest their time farming points. Now I am stuck with Supreme 5, I could reach Supreme 6 on next week’s reset, but after that even if I do farm the tier points everything will be gone after… I’d love for Amazon to try to give more info when ending seasons, specially ingame. It says the current season will end until further notice. And we only get a 2 weeks notice. This left me a bit sour :frowning:

I know this is asking a lot, but if any mod would see and reconsider the date to end this Season. Im probably a minority, but this would be so much appreciated…

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You keep highest earned ranking to buyout the shop.

Well hopefully they will fix the matchmaking in between seasons.


Hopefully…s1 in WoW was not very good. S2 was much better. Think about it.

Matchmaking in Lost ark is one of the most horrible experiences I encountered. Such god awful programming.

Good, so i dont have to mald pvp every weeks to maintain rank z.z

U got 6 months :laughing:

there’s still weekly unas that will get people in there lol. matchmaking killed pvp anyway i only go in there for weekly una and tier points during fever time or right before reset if i’m missing my una still

I don’t play competitive even if im Supreme 9. Why ? I don’t have an hour to wait for a game.

Im an heavy pvp player that got stuck in bronze in the beginning. For me Rank match almost never existed. The end of the nightmare is close for me. Can’t wait to have a second try in the new season.

Just hope it will take at max 1-2 months to get started

Im Supreme 9 and could reach Extreme September 7th.
If i reach it then first time - do i fall back or get it last possible chance?

Thx in advance

How long does the season last in NAE? Will the season there also end on September 7th?