Rip the book i guess

names posting wasnt allowed didnt know so closing topic

Cant post peoples name on forums buddy

Oh no someone is a shitty person, lets protect them.

its fine…call out scammers they deserve it

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where’s the proof that this person scammed lol. This is just slander without proper proof I hope you realize that.

POV: you just make a post blaming anyone you find for scamming :skull:

you are kinda right it looks like that, i had geforce now on i thought i recorded the last 1:30 mins but i didnt was gonna post it on yt and show it but now i dont have anything lol

tip for you to not get scammed.

  1. when they join say this:

Type + if you agree to no bid on any books/items from the raid.

once all type + then screenshot it and go on.
saves lives ngl.


if posting names is not allowed ill ahve to delete anyways

does that work?

Ye sadly you cannot post names. Keep in mind that if you do not clarify no bid in chat for them to type + and screenshot it you are liable to being scammed as title does not count as proof anymore due to the fact that some people join and do not read the title or use it as an excuse.

You can get them banned from the euc discord [for bussing] if they actually do scam and you have proof of it.

Also I have done runs and this way I have had 0 issues.

alright i will definitely do that from now on, it was my first time i got a good book it was cursed doll and he had to take it from me, its fine tho still got like 3k

Make sure to do that in every boost/service you do.

imagine trusting randoms not to bid on book for free gold :joy:

when this kind of stuff happens it just makes me not wanna do free runs or boosts its just kinda sad