Rip to everyone under 1460 ilvl

Pretty foolish post. There’s honing buffs up to 1370 already, why aren’t you crying that t1 plyers don’t get help while t3 players have t1/t2 stronghold buffs? This statement is as selfish and ignorant as they come…


i dont even look at the% anymore, i just set my mind to go for the 100% artisan rate :V (main 1455 3% chance)

I can’t get a smooth sailing to 1460 on my main. As Jeremy would say it…“Oh no, anyways.”

you do know it helps f2p more then p2w players… yes p2w players have to spend less now to hit 1415 but most wouldnt care with few extra money if they were already heavy spenders unless they are already at 1415 on all alts. Also p2w players generally dont play alts regularly so.

That’s literally the whole point of what an MMO is… to invest time to make your character stronger, the more you play the stronger they get over time. You can’t expect to get to the end game right away. Not even I expect to get to 1490 anytime soon and I’m taking my time with the game. Do you need to get to 1460? Not really. Will that content go away? No.

Good that i Played hard For my Progression and can enjoy the content i worked For. Yes, worked

honing buff is not necessarily wrong but the way they announce it is pretty bad. They could have announced it 1 month ago and it would have been good, but communicating that it is not coming anytime soon and then changing the mind all of the sudden is pretty bad.

i can tell you that at least there will be more support doing valtan normal/ maybe even vykas normal in the next period. Or at least i’m sure i will push mine to at least valtan normalXD
Have alredy decided to stop honing the main (it’s alredy at 1460) and start focusing on alts for a whileXD And well i can’t see really any bad side having the honing buff and remember even if you are not there you will eventually and you can confort yourself thinking that at least for the first time first char to 1460 everyone have done it "The hard way"XD

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xd we are a faster release they couldve gotten the buffs in 2050 and still wouldnt make sense to delay it for a fast release, they had alot of time events to gear we dont any buff is better than this fomo but stay delusional education really needs to get fixed seeing people like ya yikes

I can vouch for this statement, my guild and friend group are waiting for honing buff to push their supports for Valtan and Vykas.

1460 honing buff…this is fine.

My main is 1475 atm, i haven’t spent a dime on the game, 800 hours played. Luck of draw, that’s all, rng could be a blessing or a curse. Onetapped weapon to +20 recently, plus 2 armor pieces got 2-3 tapped to +19 recently.

meeeh I want everything for freee meeeeeehhhh, I cannot keep up with hardcoreplayers and whaaales meeeheheeee

cry us a river…

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Chill your getting 1 shard bag, 200 dest stones and 200 guard stones isnt that enough :smirk:

That is basically your problem. Stop trying to hold dedicated players hostage because you don’t know what you are doing and your ilvl is low. You got many mats, gifts and events.

This patch got delayed twice and you are still 1420. I’m sorry but you must be really really bad at the game. Don’t worry people will help you with their alts after patch release.

You could be doing valtan hard at this point just by playing 1 hour a day maybe 2. If you are not playing enough why should we wait for updates? Content is not going anywhere you can do it later.
1416… you are doing something wrong maybe ask for some help


Rip new player game dont need you.

Don’t worry, he’s not going to leave. He’ll be waiting for you when you get there

You a new player or why so agitated about this? I strongly feel like your anger is not about new players…

Outside of that… a new player got other things to do as raid valtan after 1-2 weeks. Maybe they should experience and learn the game a bit :wink:

If you aren’t 1460 yet be happy that you’ll soon be playing with our alts. Because you surely aren’t part of our by now 1470+ parties anyway.

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I am not free to play, but free to play when it comes to honing. All I spend money for is Skins or Rapport items^^
Apart from that - no help? There was just a 5 week event donating a shitload of mats to help people hone, there were events before that to support people reach higher ilvl.
Stop comparing yourself with 1-2 hours casual playtime to people who dedicated 5+ hours daily to the game. Obviously you are not at the same range like those players and these are the players asking for progression.
If you really struggle with honing i suggest you get at least 3 alts to 1340 hence this is the way for f2p in this game to be able to keep up with endgame content and release cycles.

Apart from that - have you ever looked at the mats people with 1460 need to spend on their upgrades - its kinda obvious those players will need higher alts to keep up in progression. Also Shards become a very limiting factor 1460+ which means people will have exceeding materials and are going to sell them instead - more mats on the market means prices will drop which ultimately helps you as well :wink:

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