Ripe Banana drop?

Hello there, Anyone having problem farming those Ripe Bananas from Anxious Orangutan Captain?? I understand that those are low drop rate… But I am killing those for 2 days and not even a single drop yet… Anyone with same felling? Please @Roxx and Amazon, check drop rate from that item!!! Thank you =]

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thats very unlucky. i got like 5 from 30 mins of killing. go for the ones right next to each other and rotate between them.

Got mine in about 40 mins

Yeah I am rotating for 2 days for like 3-4 hours trying to grab some bananas

All 10?

I got all 10 in about 2 hours, i rotate from the two spot on the right.

its weird cause I got 9 in couple of hours but cant get the last one. So stupid

Been killing them for hours today. Killed them for a few hours yesterday as well… Got non.

Spent about 3 hours and got 0. I did get all 700 of the fruit you need for the legendary dish.

I got 4 real quick and then none for several hours of grinding.