RMT became normal

Hello everybody!

I’ve recently noticed that there are quite a lot of people who understand that RMT exists, and you can even tell who does RMT by looking at people (1490, 4x3, already have BiS relic accesories etc.)

The funny thing is, Amazon does nothing to fix it or make buying gold scary / heavily punishable.

More people start cosidering RMTing since they are gated from the newest content, that they want to experience, yet the game allows them and only makes them take a 1-3 days brake, after which they are able to hone using their bought gold and get ahead of the audience that plays the game fairly.

TBH the game becomes more and more RMT/P2W, as the honing chances or natural gold / leapstones acquisition stays low, the only way to progress really quickly is buying gold from the third markets. Otherwise you just feel out of touch with the content, as every time you search for the party for Argos or Oreha - the required Ilvl and Engravings are getting higher each week.

If you are unlucky with gold / lazy to be a completionist /unlcuky with honing - you have only one way, which is generaly known and not sanctioned in any serious way

It’s time for either more opportunities for making gold / leapstones via ingame, or make RMT-ing dangerous enough, that people are afraid to get engaged in it


Streamers get gold delivered on stream, and nothing. I literally watched a guy who had a birthday recently get given gold he bought from “viewers” delivered right to his inbox. Dude opened almost 300k of purchased gold on stream. Still plugging along today like nothing happened. There are other streamers openly botting Chaos Dungeons while they sleep. Nothing happens. People are 1490 who obviously RMT’d. nothing happened.

At this point, I am surprised most people don’t RMT because it costs 1/10 the price if you buy it from gold sellers compared to the shop. Worst case if you get caught, you get a 1 to 3 day ban. If I ever get to that point where I feel like I need gold, I am gonna quit because screw buying gold for 10x the price, and screw buying gold from the Chinese…


Bear in mind that F4 gold exchange is also RMT. The game has already normalized the act of “buying gold” from the get go, naturally people will do the same thing with cheaper avenues. The wrong part here is “unauthorized rmt”, which most people don’t really care.

Devs get what they asked for :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s sad to see AGS is having the same MO in Lost Ark as they did in New World. Exploits, botting and RMT were rampant, 3 days ban and keeping your gains were normal. It’s like they are afraid of permanently removing bad actors from the game, dropping a few numbers but what they don’t seem to understand is that by allowing this to happen, they are driving a whole lot more people away.

Today I browsed Elite PvPer to see what is up there, after reading someones reply on the forum here and the amount of bot scripts is insane. Most of the scripts there are AutoHotKey, which a CM already cleared for being basically allowed.

Fuck, needless to say I have been heavily contemplating to say ‘fuck it’ and join these RMT fuckers/botters if all I’d get is a 3-day break and get to keep my ill-gotten gains.


This is where most people are at I think. If you can’t beat em, join em. Especially if no one is getting punished. Sad to watch a game I like going the New World route.

This will easily get you banned from forums, take care with what you say
CMs aren’t active all the time but they have plenty of mods that don’t really talk but moderate

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I feel like they are afraid to get into “Permabanning” those players, as those are the same people that buy every new skin / crystals chest, and just are too profitable overall to not take advantage off.

And additionally so many people did RMT this days, that I feel like banning every account involved would mean thousands of accounts getting lost from the playerbase.

Starting banning people with permabans after a big chunk of community got away with it also will feel unfair, so I feel like they are also caught in a loop


Not everyone buying gold is using third party services. There are plenty of people using currency exchange as intended to obtain gold. If you want to take the risk, by all means.

Aye, I look forward to more of this game now that Destroyer is live but not like this…

I completely understand and take full responsibility of such a statement, it’s just what is on my mind and had to vent.

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I mean, if we were to compare what most people choose, paying 10ish dollars per 10k gold or 10ish dollars for 2.6k gold, what do you think most will choose?

definitely the 10k gold.

the real issue :slight_smile: they cannot do much if the gold sold from legal account because in generala they cannot ban anyone who get gold in his mail
i asked for gold on general chat once and couple of people sent me gold
if anyone of them isn’t legal there is no way you will now
and there is big issue for gold rss ingame
no one will buy 100k gold for example for 300$ dollars ( dont know the prices but i know the ingame gold prices is idiotic for people who going pay to win

The thing is that a great deal of people don’t even know how to buy from chang or are still very afraid of getting “banned”, and the third group has enough money to not be bothered by getting less.

Regardless, there are still plenty of third party buyers or else there wouldn’t be that many bots.

they shouldn’t punish players for their own mistakes
the bots destroyed the economy that players cannot make gold ingame .
and one of the most idioitc moves they have do in this patch is if you are 1415 you cannot get gold from abyssal dungons anymore … they need to put gold sources ingame not remove
if amazon want people to buy gold from their own store with these idiotic prices they are dreaming

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There is nothing unfair about it for bad actors. Whether they ignore it now and later not does not matter. It has a negative impact on the game and the image this game reflects to players.

Players do quit over it. Players do quit over rampant botting. It’s a terrible feeling.

It is more so unfair to players who are legit and most definitely outnumber the RMT people and those that use scripts.

They’ve backed themselves into a corner at this point by not nipping this problem in the bud from the very beginning. If they banned all the RMTers they’d probably be banning 75%+ of the population at this point. There are an enormous amount of RMTers in the game, they’re not difficult to spot.

Big whales that RMT ALSO spend on the game.
BIG DOUBT that anything will happen to them.

Yes and a whale who paid for it will already paid out what you can put into the game many times over.

Let’s just take a 2 milion gold RMTer for example: are you saying you will be able to put that much money in a month?

High morale or not - it doesn’t matter when it come to profits. AGS already made back their investment by bringing this game to the West sure so anything extra from this point on is just that - extra.

Just because its a better deal, doesnt mean people arent afraid of being banned nor like being disingenuous to a legal system theyre being offered to purchase gold with money. Afterall, the return on gold is dependant on the economy driven by players.

Right now it’s legal and they are going to do nothing about. If they are going to ban all RMT they are going to ban more than 75%+ of the people. Roxx said that they are going to close an eye ( probably both ) for all RMT people and it’s true. I play and i know some of these people and they are still here after months so right now it’s legal.

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