RMT buyers ARE the problem

Thanks to the massive amount of illegal gold injected into the game by cheaters we get :

  • Insane amount of bots that need to feed the demand. AGS removing their gold income has been compensated by an increase in the number of bots. Hence why we can’t log in anymore.

  • Inflated prices that locks out from buying accessories/engravings… even the 1300h+ players with 7 alts. Let’s not talk about people who play this game more casually. This leads to more and more people using RMT because… there is no sanction whatsoever.

  • Infuriated legit spenders that are wondering why they payed 4 times the price for the same amount of gold.

  • Blue crystal supply in shambles because people are not buying gold via the official shop, hence reducing the amount of blue crystals and leading to a net loss for AGS. Enjoy your overpriced pheons guys.

  • Playerbase is feeling desperate and the morosity/animosity is growing day by day.

This has only one root cause : RMT buyers.

AGS needs to send a strong message to them (ban, item delete, gold delete) so word get around that RMT isn’t actually allowed. This would cut the demand for RMT-gold and mechanically reduce the number of bots.

A whole community of players is taken into hostage by a bunch of cheaters because RMT is so popular that it destroyed the economy.

This is NOT ok.


i dont care whatever rmt lovers think. its against the TOS and they need to be immediately perma banned. only way to stop bots is making their giga rmt whales into sushis.


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ban them or make them go negative, they will quit real quick


Something needs to be done, no matter what it is

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Id say making them go negative gold is the answer. #PermaBanRMTPlayers

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I dont think AGS and SmG can manipulate the crstal conversion rate its players that set the price also more bots the inflation rate of gold to crystal increase. Itll prolly go higher thanks to bots. More gold for less crystal. The whales drive down the gold prices.

Your comment makes no sense, why are you supporting RMT’ers?


why are you supporting the game company ?


huh? is the same thing i am asking you

How are you saying real players are the problem when no one mentioned real players, only RMT’ers? You say it’s bad to support the game company which is not referenced here at all. Hence, you’re in speaking in solidarity of RMT’ers. They are not real players, they are cheaters, they should be punished and never be allowed to play the game. As they ruin it for everyone else.

Both the RMTs and the bots should be banned permanently.

Its a lot harder for AGS to control bots since its a whole industry funded by RMTers.

Yes ofc Amazon and SG has half of the blame. Their detection is terrible and they are more than likely enjoying the huge numbers on the charts. Ofc they could drop the gold price to beat out bots but thats not realistic to how low gold price is.

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100% agree

I fully 100% support you and THANK YOU for realizing that the problem is the people who are buying the gold… I’ve stated this many times before that once the gold sites stop making money they will leave and find another game. You band a bot it makes 12 more accounts you ban a RMT’er and they leave and find a new game. <3 <3 <3 that there’'s people out there that see the issue and know how to make it go away KUDO’s to you Nerios!!!


He’s very clearly a cheater himself and doesn’t wish to be punished because he is “real” player. “Who cares if i cheat? Screws over big corpa” I know how these fucks think.

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it is entirely possible that one does not agree with you and still plays the game legitimately without RMT. I feel like if this issue didnt have your interest then there would be another post with you complaining about a different aspect of the game that is “unfair” to you. Complainers will complain. Go ahead and call me names, it wont bring you happiness though.

RMT isn’t unfair, it’s cheating, period.