RMT buyers ARE the problem


It is. Because if there’s no demand, there will be no supply since there will be no money to be made for the gold farmers. So the RMT players are the problem that need to be rooted out.

We need PERMBANS for rmt buyers. Just having a short ban doesn’t change anything.
They need to lose alot of.money and time or they just continue.
They must be to scared to do it again

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Dw ags will listen like half a year from now when the game fucking dies like new world

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I agree, it just supply and demand hard at work here. Players are demanding gold at a cheaper price to progress and bots and botters provide it and supply it for cheaper. If players were punished for rmting such as what they do in RU, they would be discouraged from buying gold through 3rd parties

They are the demand, thus bots will supply it. So the management of this game needs to start perma banning RMT abusers.

Anything related to Botting/RMT should be banned.

12,000+ Valtan queue at the moment, sometimes I wonder why I play this game which causes so much frustration.

The ones in queue are actual players by the way, botters seems to have a program which lets them instantly skip queues.


At least when you log in you can buy stuff from the AH and blue crystals.

Oh wait.

No need to waste ur time any further with this dude. It’s literally the dude who roams around in forum and make “outstanding” statements.

All i did was commenting on a post why people could hide their weapon. All I said was “I hide it when i pvp and gvg because some guilds require u to do so and I just forgot to turn it back on sometimes”. BAM! => dude’s response somehow like this “why u hiding it, only RMTer would hide it” All he sees is RMTers everywhere, just ban everyone who hides weapon glow already please…they are suspicious as f…

Since it seems that bot-shaming is back on the forums…

Let me introduce you to the real issue : cheaters shaming.

Bump because I saw the other thread getting bumped.

Also. Check this thread where botters actually post screenshots of their hard work :

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#PermaBanRMTPlayers :slight_smile:

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This is the way.

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Bump for fun!

Sure, so how often do you see people being 1510+? Before they were in bulk at Punika, now you see 1 every month or so and they are probably legit.
People really believe that RMTers don’t get sanctioned? LOL
Most of the inflation is due to time, its normal and if you cant afford things, well stop rage honing and quality upgrades :smiley:

yea nothing to do with the 200+ pages of T1 accs sold for more than 10k, come on…

Sale history stays even after ban?

You just don’t get it. They as in AGS does not really care all that much. It is not hard to tell who are the worst offenders of RMT yet no ban. Just enjoy the game for what it is and don’t spend any real money in the store. Then perhaps they will do something.

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