RMT discussions

Hey can we stop now?
They have been notified about RMT being a big issue since the beginning of the game.
They still have done nada about it soooโ€ฆ GET THE HINT stop spamming the forums with RMT posts.



Yup its not like they dont care. They want the Steam numbers thats crystal clear and for that they need RMT.

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Maybe that.
OR they cut a deal with the bot farmers that they are free to bot in return they give AGS a cut of their sales. Imo seems plausible if anything and anyone is free to change my mind.

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The reason why theyโ€™re getting so much flak today is because of this article in which Smilegate boasts about the success of our version of the game:

I think itโ€™s given everyone, myself included, a much needed wakeup call about how little they care about our version of the game.


This is just fucking disgusting.

Atleast people woke up in the end.
A lot of people me included woke up 2 months ago with the first roadmap.
But since i atleast were like 500-600hrs deep i didnโ€™t leave.
MANY left long ago only wish i never came here to begin with.


Also RMT is very bad never RMT!

This is the funniest joke Iโ€™ve seen today. Letโ€™s be realistic
See this huge volume and transaction on some gold-selling websites
However, I really donโ€™t see a huge number of users being permanently banned for RMT
Or are you referring to a 3day ban? Even then I canโ€™t see it lol