RMT "F2P" Why is this still allowed?This is ruining the game, AGS is allowing thieves to steal

“F2P BTW - The RMT Guy said” Probs he also chaos bots.
Why do you allow such people to exist in game? I get it you want to make money,but you are not making money from a thief or people like him who claim to be f2p and go and bot and buy gold from bots (RMT) so hard. Below you have attached how much it costs to make 1 character 1460, (average honning chance) , which is not always the chance you get, sometimes you get worse chance, now imagine having 6 1440+ In 3 months of playtime, this is inhumane in every way , and I have been playing this game since the beginning , + 3 years (2 year in Korea and 1 in RU) . Destroy these RMT players or the normal players will quit and only bots will remain.

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Imagine cheating in a game, and going on FB to get clout lol

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It’s so funny to see these losers complaining about people that work and spend money in the game. Not sure if you know how expensive is to maintain a game but anyways. Amazon has to make money and unless you have any proof this guy bought gold from the bots he can legit buy gold just pressing F4.


nah this guy is legal…legally botting chaos dungeon.

F2p dont have to rmt when they can bot chaos dungeon for each alt :slight_smile:

Adults mad at other adults for not being poor like them is crazyyyy

its jsut not legal

nobody gets banned wym

just the amount of blue stones u need for 6 chars is insane.

I spent more money than you ever will know since I played this game for years. But they are spending their money in illegal gold (botting) . That is ruining the game for everyone and many people quit because of bots.

They don’t spend the money “in the game” . Read the chat, the guy says he is f2p,which is impossible.

How can I even know if it’s his account? Stop crying and play the game. If you want to accuse someone please gather some concrete evidence not some Facebook image with comments.

How could you possibly know if thats a true statement or not, i mean my ego doesnt need to compare wallets with a clown but saying stupid shit like that us why real human beings laugh at this forum

Seek help

This is possible if it has unlimited gold

Yeah, someone said to me that the real endgame was this forum so I decided to give it a try. They were right, so much fun in here.

Check his Twitch stream and you will see. The link is in the pictures. It is his account. Damn you people always giving every excuse for RMT players …