RMT in action on AM/SC Legendary Tier 3 Stones

Went to try to sell a Legendary Tier 3 stone today. Ambush Master/Super Charge. Happened to stumble on some RMT in action. At least that’s that I assume.

you are wrong these are the normal prices, you probably don’t play enough


Yeah brother
Maybe they are new players.
They don’t know the price of the stone so they let people bid for it. How good it is

What are you on about? Thats not the final sale price. (As in already bought) thats just so people can bid war…

Damn, didn’t know that a swiftness-strongwill/enhanced shield 53 quality earring was worth 1Million gold. I just dismantled the ones I had.

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I cant even believe i sold all my tier 2 gems for 15 gold each.

People are complaining about those casino stone to be expensive. The reason why it is expensive is because it is "Limited LEGENDARY Edition " because rock can end up with different amount of + node.

All RMT players here desperately trying to talk out of this hahaha

Hello @Roxx. We are still looking for solutions rather than closing threads. Thanks.

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there are some people in this post here who def deserve a bann

nah they wont ban dude , we report for months alr lol after first RMT ban wave they using market since then

they have anti-bot teams

Team’s job is to keep forums clean from bot/rmt mentions. At least i think that’s what they do.