RMT is cheating, using RMT comes at the expense of every player

I have a sinking feeling way to many people are using RMT right now. Do those of you using RMT not realize you are ruining the game? Every time you buy from third party gold sellers you are undermining the quality of the game at the expense of everyone else.

Why arent RMT buyers more heavily punished? I read that someone who RMT 1000$ worth was given a slap on the wrist 3 day ban. What kind of example is that setting? Why is ags encouraging this behavior? If you buy gold from a third party you should be perma banned.


Since gold is a clear business practice and they selectively ban bots/buyers/sellers, wouldn’t it apply antitrust laws? i would like to know as i clearly have no idea, this should be a eli5.

I mean you also forget to leave out the fact he lost all the gold he bought with RMT, esentially leaving him out of $1000. Im pretty sure that’s punishment enough in of itself.

I dont disagree with RMT ruining the game and its economy though.

I doubt they stockpiled the gold though, they spent it on honing and other stuff most likely. AGS isnt going to “un-hone” them.

Both buyers and sellers of RMT will have their accounts actioned against, and while we do take in multiple factors when determining punishment, I would not recommend taking player claims like these at face value


People been discontent for more then 24 hours , why havent you guys gave us any coment or anything on this sudden argos release or at least the reasoning behind it?

Not really, but i get what you mean.

The truth is that a game that sells gold itself has no moral ground to complain when people seek less ridiculous prices, and others can seethe all they want.

In all honesty there aren’t more people doing RMT cause they naively fear getting banned (and i’ll include myself here cause you never know) which is why i don’t do it :smile:


Fully agree, currency exchange should be taken down as it’s a form of RMT


This is because players in-general are so accustomed to optimizing an advantage that you get wide-spread cheating.

At least in FPS games when people download aim hacks and such, they could get banned. In MMOs when 3rd party sells RMT, it creates botting which hurt the game. So not only are there people cheating, there’s an industry hurting the game also.

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It the early days it started off from a honest place of really wanting to keep a fair enviroment, but modern games don’t really care about fairness anymore, so this whole “paying to win bad” goes out of the window by sheer hipocrisy. Even if say, they didn’t sell gold directly, people are still able to sell their shop skins for gold for the same effect.

Nowadays “RMT” being bad is more of a matter of enforcing devs interests than morality. People are afraid of bans and pretend its wrong because of it


They are using cheat + hack speed for farming, and now I saw some in PVP, skill with 0 cd. Anticheat in this game is a joke.

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Its wrong because it undermines everyone elses experience. Not because they are paying to win. I dont care if someone gets to 1370 by buying gold. What I do care about is someone who helps funds the 1 mil bots in this game.

I should have made that clear, i’m also against the use of botting or any exploits, that shouldn’t be possible.

What i fully support is getting coins from another player who played normally and decided to sell their own coin for cheaper. Which is currently forbidden, and is a shame

As someone who doesn’t buy gold, this would hurt me quite a bit as a F2P player.

They openly allow RMT because this market exists and there’s no way to ever stop it.

Dude…if capitalism didn’t exist NO GAME WOULD EVER EXIST.

Just calm your communism for a second and enjoy a thing that people spent a lot of money producing.

They should mark gold sellers and not ban them.
They should ban every player accepting in-game mail from gold sellers (not gold from other players).
Each banned player should also have their manifests looked at to chain together bans if they are trying to wash the money.

Yeah, there will be a lot of people crying about false positives, but that’s how you know the system is working.

This is a player problem and you can’t just make players play fair if they have an option to cheat without being banned.

Set their gold to a negative million until they earn it back!


They openly allow RMT because it makes a shitton of money. are you joking?

Honestly, nobody takes you serious anymore.
You don’t even commit to the bare minimum required to maintain such a big release. The bot issue could’ve been addressed much more agressively by an IT graduate. Either you suck as company or its amazons temporary moneyfarm.

Did you just quote me and literally gloss over the only content in the quote? :joy:

It’s 3rd party RMT that’s cheating, not RMT from the game company itself.

I picked the right game. I progress just fine, I make lots of gold in-game just fine.

I knew. Apparently you didn’t. Otherwise none of your responses would exist and you would just be +1’ing my posts :joy:

It’s literally how the F2P market works.

3rd party RMT is cheating and this is one of the justifications they use to choose it over in-game RMT.

I can tolerate P2W when they respect F2P enough to allow them to play and progress in a F2P friendly way.

RMT through the in-game shop is also F2P friendly since I can use the gold I make and turn it into crystals.

The only non-F2P thing in this game is Royal Crystals. The moment Royal Crystals can buy exclusive things that give an extreme advantage and can’t be traded, then it stops being F2P friendly. Since the exchange exists, anything purchased with Royal Crystals that is tradeable is compared to the crystal market to determine a price ingame. You have no idea how beneficial the exchange is to F2P players as well as Paying players.

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What does that even mean
i’m just saying that they aren’t selling gold cause its a “can’t be helped” situation, which is literally what you said :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah that’s a yikes.

Welcome to literally every MMO. Some MMOs are just more overt about it. Some MMOs hide it better. For example, WoW has lootboxes in the form of boss kills for example. Raid lockouts also gate the loot boxes on a daily/weekly basis.

You are still rolling and failing and with bad luck, sacrifice progress for weeks and even months.

The royal to gold ratio seems rough. I know that lowering this just inflates gold. The rates that botters and 3rd party RMT set should never be the metric for this.