RMT solution should be similar to other regions

Hello, i wanted to make a post regarding RMTs and how come we arent doing what Russia is doing where they take the gold from the account and place the person who participated in RMT in a negative balance.

This will definitely deter quite a lot of people who RMT since let’s be real, negative 50k plus gold is very troublesome to deal with.


Can it be circumvent by asking a friend to transfer you 50k gold so it goes back to 0?

If that is possible, it wouldn’t really affect the whales. They’ll just pay a friend to buy legit gold using royal crystal to get back their account if they get caught.

Just Permaban them. Who cares if they RMT $1 or $1000.


Well, there are whales who do use the exchange and then there are whales who use exchanges outside of the intended systems. Either way, this is 50k gold gone and i think it’s a good temporary ongoing solution.

That would be the best case.

Just have the AH use in-game currency (like any other game) & stop the ability to post/share gold. (Not quite sure what use it would be left with, but…)

The auction house already uses ingame currency, in fact it uses two different types.

Also would be hard to have the ability to stop posting and sharing gold since 1 they need to somehow filter and block posts and 2 need to change how internal ingame mail work relative to gold.