RMTers and botting

Why not just insta ban any 50k+ transaction on the market*(unless its accessory leg t3/relic ones then monitor them before ban decisions) , and monitor ingame mail/ warn players that any sudden 50k gold source of income that they accept could be used agianst the as proof for rmt . it seems to me like its an easy way to deal with rmting and botting. with some looking into specific transactions but theres no need for it to be this far. ive seen nothing but bots for past 30 mins of me sitting in vern.

You still have ingame mail.

To be fair that’s not the problem ah with 50k gem, people will easy find a by-pass again.

Then they go tier 3 gems or gear piece and put it up for 10k gold x 5 etc…

Just let the game be playable like korea.

Make account with your national indentity ID and bank account holder. Once banned you require another account, which lock you automatic

authentacion works but i still think this is absurd , it can be very easy to differntiate an rmt mail or market purchase. it is very clearly distinguishable and mails just ban any large sum of gold that is accepted by ppl and warn ppl / streamers to return any suspicious email

when ppl start seeing shit that is soo obviously rmt getting banned they will think before rmting them selfs. it will fix the issue substantially