RMTstics of AGS

Hey peeps,

Today I’ve made an interesting discovery,

What if all the data that Amazon has about “Playerbase is ready for (Legion Raid)” is not taking into account the fact, that most of those “Ready” players are RMT-ers who generally are drastically ahead of the rest by the price of 3 days ban?

I notice that a lot of people are having trouble still, even having 500+ hours, to even reach Valtan normal. Yes they might not be playing effectively or lack knowledge about the game, but still it’s unfair. If many players are G2G Enjoyers and thanks to that progressed much further ahead, why does legitimate playerbase has to suffer because of that?

Those people didn’t pay you a penny, furthermore they legitimately stole every 700 gold from under your nose, and you still take them into account and still prioritize their experience over the majority of playerbase that actually plays the game fairly and buys your Royal Crystals, allowing the project to carry on, when they could RMT gold and buy all the cosmetics and blue crystals in 1/2 of price with 3rd party gold.

It feels very unfair and I believe a lot of players would like to see being listened to and bein valued more, then those who break the rules and steal from you AGS @Roxx

EDIT: It’s not about FOMO, it’s about Legitimate Whales being heavily discriminated against by tolerating RMT via 3rd party websites


I don’t think they care honestly. I recently decided to call it on this game. I just can’t do it anymore with all these RMT people blatantly chewing up the market. And then RMT’ers hoping on the forums and taunting other players that speak up. I gave this one about 400 hours and a few dollars but I just can’t.


Ok, but from where did you get “most” of players ready for content are RMTers?

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Have you visited Punika any time lately? Have you checked some people casually walking around with +20 glows? On EUC Zinnervale after standing still in Punika for like 15 minutes I’ve seen 7 people with +20 Relic weapons and at least lvl7 gems and 1480-1490 ilvl.

Looks legit right? Those people are probably just playing a ton with under 100 roster lvl, and having a ton of alts to funnel resources from, right. good statistics

just bcoz ppl have more ilvl then u. that doesnt mean they are rmt

I’m full level 7 gems, got my +19 weapon today and I’m ready for vykas.
You know if you have 10 chars doing t3 boss rush level 7 gems are easy to get right?

Also… the sad truth:

I kind of agree about the gems even I had level 5’s with a single toon. But +19 gears is hardcore AF. And if you did that ligit kodos.

I just wanted the pink glow, cause online games endgame is about the looks.

well, they said 7x more are ready for Valtan than for Argos, that might as well be 7% or less.
in a F2P game, where generally 90% are real F2P, 10% are small spenders and only 0.5% are big spenders (whales), if you wanna make money you need to keep “carrot on stick” for the 0.5%, otherwise they wont spend.

I am personally familiar with people, who have half of my playtime, but have the same ilvl and overall character progression as me due to RMTing, and I don’t blame them as they at least are not saying “I AM ACTUALLY F2P JUST GIT GUD” but confirming to the “Crime”

But it’s not supposed to be this way, and furthermore it should not be seen as OKAY by the company loosing money of this actions

How does f2p players or casuals suffer if other are legion rdy??? Are you kidding me

Yes you answered urself, you just didnt played effectively so dont cry about thats rmt players fault… And yes they deserve a ban but shouldnt be a reason why ppl are not valtan rdy
I have myself few friends who have only 1-2 chars and are 1415+ and they play very casually

Yeah, 7x more are ready for Valtan due to RMT gold price dropping from 5$ per 1k gold when Argos was out to 10$ per 10k gold when Valtan was getting ready :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s not hard to see a connection here isn’t it?

Because if they cheated to get to that point it’s unfair.

When F2P start reaching the content intended for 1415+, 1415 won’t be accepted to Valtan normal, they will have trouble finding groups to do Deskaluda, they will have even more trouble finding party for Valtan hard and Vykys normal as RMTers will be even further ahead and will keep on playing with each other while pretending they are F2P JUST PLAY A LOT YOU KNOW (Has less then 600 hours with 1480 ilvl :clown_face:)

Ofc its unfair, same like booster in wow
But that shouldnt effect YOU its just a bad excuse ftom you people

Is just a fancy way to tell you :

“Our Whales need more motivation to spend Money!”

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I don’t feel it’s a bad excuse because those who cheated will also make a ton of gold that otherwise ligit players could have and should have got.

How does they tons of gold ? From Accessoires which rarely drop good stuff with good engravings

It is not unfair if you play ineffectively or lack knowledge and can’t reach Valtan. The game gives you WAY more than enough mats to get there at this point. Hell my buddy who barely plays an hour a day is 1440…and has 1 1370 alt, buys skins, and nothing else.

You’d be surprised, people pay for crap accessories “just to have that 4~5 engravings”.
I sell almost everything even with shit status, 500g is better than just dismantling it.