RNG aspects of the game are really demoralizing

Hey guys I just want to rant about something that’s really been bothering me for the past few weeks. I understand most MMOs have some type of RNG associated to them but I feel like Lost Ark makes use of gamba in way too many of their systems. It abuses it to a whole other level.

It is just not fair when players who put a lot of effort into the game don’t get rewarded with anything, while others could easily save on thousands and thousands of gold just because they were ‘lucky’.

I have a full roster and farm multiple raids and do busses on my characters every week. I feel like the effort I put in to earn the gold simply does not correlate to the amount of progress I’m making.

Honing: In some way, honing is one of the systems that isn’t as bad as others because it at least has a pity system. However, constantly pitying items over and over again is not something that I find reasonable. Just for insight, I pitied my weapon from +17 to +21 with 100% artisan for all upgrades using FULL juice. The gold difference between pittying your weapon and getting ‘lucky’ is just astronomical. There is no fine line between the two. One of my guildies got to +25 in less than 70 taps and crafted a 99 quality relic weapon from vendor. Which brings me to my next point.

Quality upgrades: So we all know that for DPS classes, relic weapon quality is a huge factor when it comes to damage. As of now I’ve spent 400k gold trying to upgrade my 71 quality weapon to purple and I still haven’t hit a single tap. It took me over 100k gold to get to 71 quality in the first place. I have friends who have hit 95-100 quality with less than 10 taps. Is it really fair that someone gets to save millions of gold and do 10% more damage just because they got lucky with it?

Blooming Mokoko Event: I feel like this event is just another middle finger from the devs. An event that solely relies on gamba and always popping out notifications when others get lucky. I have been doing the event since the day it launched and I have yet to make more than 40-80 gold per day. My guildies and friends have been hitting lucky mokokos on consecutive days with 5k+ rewards. And two of them hit the jackpot seed of 30k gold, twice. There really should be a system that makes you get higher odds of success the longer you have gone without getting a lucky seed. It’s demoralizing to see everyone else get large amounts of gold multiple times while you’re stuck with pennies.

There are so many other gamba systems which I could go on and on about. Legendary card packs/drops (never get LoS cards despite running multiple chars through Abysses), accessory loot drops (never got an accessory worth more than 2k), Omnium stars (I still don’t have Moake and Chaos Line star, been doing them religiously since they were released) so I’m still missing 6 skill points… I still have not done Thunderwings. Don’t have legendary galewind/rage/bleed runes despite farming the same guardians over 300 times.

I understand Amazon is only the publisher but honestly, the game doesn’t cater at all to a western audience. The amount of notorious gamba systems that are currently present in the game is just ridiculous, yet the only thing they’ve done to show us they’re doing something is remove Yoz’s jar. Funnily enough, Yoz’s jar is only a small tiny fraction of the endless gamba systems that the game already has. The fact that they decided to remove it seems very ironic.

I know I’m going to get a lot of comments saying if you don’t like it, “quit”. But I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding the topic. Going to take a few months break because the extremely poor RNG I’ve had is just ruining my mental and I feel like this game is just not for me anymore, even though I have truly enjoyed the combat mechanics. Good luck in Arkesia.


Blooming Mokokos I just see as a bonus, I’ve “won” the 5K a couple of times, it’s more of a fun event since that gold is such a small percentage of my assets that I could care less.

I completely agree with you on Quality Upgrade, I have two alts that have, by random chance, crafted or quickly got 78/82 Quality Weapons. My main is at 52 and has been there since I crafted Nightmare Weapon, which was during the Valtan release era. It’s fucking awful. I spend 2-3 upgrade attempts each week and it doesn’t move. There is no pity, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I just want to reach 70.

I will push back a little on your honing opinion in general, I don’t go past +21 on anything since the efficiency drops greatly. That said, it never feels good to pity or Artisan 80%+, it sucks but I’ve just come to accept it as a progress bar instead of a gamba chance.

I get you’re venting but this game has only 1 gamba aspect and it’s the card packs. Every other transaction is a metered 1:1 exchange where you paid x and receive y. The only thing that isn’t the case with is card packs.

Quality and card packs are the only real rng thing.

So what ?
Honing is no problem with pity. If you hit it sooner - count that as a win.
Or do you count anything that you dont one tap as a loss ? No wonder you feel bad, better change the way how you look at it.

RNG is everywhere. And its what makes the game Fun.

You know what made dungeons and dragons fun ? The rng aspect.

Remove rng and it´s just a matter of how much time you grind, which is awfully boring.

If you played other mmorpg games, you would know that this is quite alright system.

I personally dont care about rng, what i dont like is the dailies, but thats another issue.

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Yup that’s RNG for you, don’t let it bother you man. Most games are like that now, stop trying to force everything just take it easy and stop letting it frustrate you. I only tap weapon with the free mats I get, I don’t plan on wasting any gold on a system that was built to take as much gold as possible.

I look at rng in games the same way I look at the lottery in real life, currently I don’t have it so no reason to get upset when I don’t get it, You don’t have it and you’re doing just fine without it. Yes it would be good to get it but just wait until you do.

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