RNG on honing, Yes or no?

What do you prefer? current system where there is RNG involved to get your upgrade? but eventually fill up artisan energy?

Or would you rather not have ANY rng AT ALL. and just creating a system that is designed to grind and nothing more? keep in mind that it could be hard to find a balance between a reasonable amount of mats needed for the upgrade and not making it too easy making most content pointless.

Honestly to me the system is not as bad as other mmos where sometimes you had to spend weeks and many hours of raiding to get the piece of gear you need, only to find out that you weren’t lucky that week and sucks to be you.
Older mmos of course, mostly wow. i haven’t played ff endgame. but i bet its the same or similar.
Here you can actually craft the piece of tier you need from the boss you just did.

But the question is, removing the RNG aspect entirely would really help to prevent frustration?.
Or is going to make content pointless really fast?

Increasing the honing cost might make you less frustrated in the sense that you feel unlucky but what it really would just do is make you grind for a week to maybe tap 3 times a week, think a system like that is much more boring, every game should have rng in it’s gearing system so it isn’t stale and boring to gear your character.

RNG always sucks.

In FF you always farm for tokens which you trade for gear pieces you want. It’s easy to plan when you get your set if you have all the kills. Only vanity collectables are RNG but at least not timegated and still have backup (pity) tokens drops in case you don’t get them from RNG.

Call me old school, but I would prefer RNG that you can’t speed up with cash shop purchases, as progression should never be influenced by your bank account balance.

They will never change it, but I may as well re-state something I’ve suggested 2 or so times before.

Make fails = 10% of a success, but only up till 1370 (or the current raid tier.) Successes will still give the regular value, but ‘fails’ are still considered fails, but they give you a shred of progression to get to current content.

Like I said, they won’t do this, but I still like bringing it up. RNG can do wonders for a game, but I do think it needs to be tweaked by devs to be an actually good system. No, not even talking about my idea…there are many, many ways to tweak RNG; even artisan energy is one of them.

It would be largely the same as playing WoW and doing Raid Finder. you would play all week and get 1-3 gear tokens for upgrades, and that would be only for very efficient players. In reality what it would do is increase the amount of players grinding Gold and grinding Credit Card From Mom rather than the number of players legitimately tapping their gear, further increasing the monstrous divide between f2p and p2p players. Oh and making botting even worse. The only way systems like this work out traditionally is by forcing players to not be able to directly trade gear tokens like WoW, BDO, and FFXIV.

note how all of the biggest, successful MMOs have this limitation… just saying.

At least in WoW you can catch up to the latest tier with little to no effort.

So… death to RNG on honing, yes and yes. And death to the boring, tedious and annoying honing animation. Who even falls for that trick and feels “excited”? A lab rat?

Old school was literally buying way more powerful items out of the cash shop that normal players can’t obtain.
F2P mmorpg’s are in a way better state now, it’s still a buisness, you don’t loose anything from someone else whaling.
Also it’s a way for people with cash to simply catch up to people that have tons of time to play the game.
The only thing that’s ‘wrong’ with it is your mental of being forced to spend. It’s your fault, not the games fault.

It would still be the same effort you have to invest, the concept of continously gearing yourself won’t stop, literally go back to wow if you don’t like it, this game simply isn’t your casual normal raid on weekends game, or perhaps your are just an lfg guy.

Great, we also have a pity system, so what’s the difference?

this is how I see honing, the goal is to farm enough mats for the 100% energy pity tab, any success before that is a lucky hit

I just calculate the avg mats I need with upgrade calculators. But mostly I simply just tap.

The system would be fine if it wasn’t so expensive per tap. Especially considering how much income is missing from our version of the game.

Like, take 10 attempts to upgrade weapon? Sure, but not when it literally costs my entire weeks worth of gold income from 4 characters and mats from 4 characters to do it, and for what? 0.83 ilvl increase?

They just need to do something to change the fact that you can farm all week and only get a small number of attempts.

Old school doesn’t have a cash shop at all. It has a subscription model and/or paid-for base game + expansions. Nobody ever said we were talking strictly about F2P games.

I don’t feel forced to spend at all; I spend because I like to pay for the games I’m playing. I don’t “play for free”. I have a 9-5 and can afford to do it(in moderation).

And the cash shop is not designed for people to “catch up” - it’s designed to make money. Just because you can use it a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s what it’s there for. So they sell the things you need most to progress in it. You are ascribing some sort of benevolent intention to a purely profit-driven game design. F2P games are not made with F2P players in mind, for obvious reasons. They are made to get as much money as possible out of the people who actually spend it.

The only saving grace LA has is that it doesn’t throw cash shop offers in your face every time you log in, like most other F2P games. I’d like to know what F2P MMO’s are in a “better state”, as you say. I’ll ignore the fact that LA isn’t an MMO and just let that one go.

Did you really just say scheduled weekend raiding is casual, but finding a random raid in the party finder on whatever day you feel like raiding isn’t? Do you even know what casual means? This game is 1000% casual. You can literally do anything in the game whenever you want, and raiding most of all.

For those who don’t like failing, I don’t mind if AGS/SG add in an option for 100% honing with resource cost totaling pity.

So are sub based games aswell, infact, so is every game.

Great, neither WoW, FFXIV, TESO, Runescape are MMO’s either, they all work like game defining genres like Phantasy Star Online which was back then called an MORPG, the genre consists of having a hub base, Oribos, Crystarium, Nia Village etc. And then going into instanced content like WOW raids, FF raids, Lost Ark raids etc.
Even Runescape has instanced content but Runescape is more like the vision of an MMORPG, it’s still not Massive.
We don’t have real MMORPGS anymore like Warhammer Age of Reckoning which main gameplay was having giant pvp fights with tons of people. The only games I know of who are truely MMORPGS are Lineage and Planetside 2, I don’t know of any else.

Yep, raiding Normal nomatter if it’s on schedule or not is casual, oh btw I can raid normal with random pugs whenever I want aswell.

In my opinion Mythic is also casual because it’s a mechanical joke. But that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Why would you ever use that option, that’s kinda weird lol. But good thought.

just remove honing chance and leave the artisan the same. After 2,5 seconds people will want it back

I would never… Anyone smart wouldn’t. But lot of people who are saying they don’t like honing is because failing makes them feel bad. So the few who wants to pay premium to never feel like they fail… heh

Or those who just see 100% and think it’s better. :person_shrugging:

Edit: Those who understand that lack of material is the problem would ask for more resource injections. But those who say rng is the problem, I think this solution would be fine for them.