Road of lament bug

These bugs are annoying. walk right onto gold orbs and it does pick up shit. You think you are picking up the orb then you see that it doesnt but you are not even near a red one but you get hit by them. So how the fuck you don’t want to fail 10000000 times even if you know mechanics. and 4 people have to deal with this shit bug makes you want to just quit playing. fix all this shit it is getting annoying. Worst part is you cannot do anything after because you are stuck on a shitty bugged dungeon forever.

this happened to me too

I’ve tried to pug this dungeon 5 different times now, each time spending an hour. Every single time we get stuck at the orbs part (not because people don’t know the mechanics) because one to two people can’t collect gold orbs and/or get hit by red orbs that are nowhere near them, causing them to not get the aura to destroy the second round of orbs and we wipe.

It’s frustrating to say the least. I want to progress my abyssal dunegons because it’s a prime source for mats and gear upgrades and I can’t. Instead, I farm mokoko seeds (up to 800 or so) and sail aimlessly.

I loved the story and leveling up until this point but between the bugs, lack of resources in combination with the amount required to progress your gear/ilvl, the honeymoon phase is wearing off for me with Lost Ark.