Road of Lament IMPOSSIBLE for Colorblind

In the final boss you have to pick up the gold balls and not the red. They are close enough together that to me they look IDENTICAL. It makes the dungeon impossible.

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While it’d be good to get real settings for stuff like this, if you plan to attempt again anyway the gold orbs move much slower than the red ones. You can try paying attention to the speed.

Yeah I tried that. Didnt work so well. Would it be too hard to make the bad ones some other color perhaps or the red ones much darker red?

Sigh uet again. I need to stop trying at this dungeon.

I dont know this Dungeon yet, but i know the exact same problem from other dungeons aswell.
But it seems they dont care. I get that actually there are more important things, than care for a bunge of people with colorweakness / blindness.
At least akcknowledging that there is a problem would be great.

Would be only about 5 min to fix this. As a manager of a software engineering team, i know its easy to let priority issues overwhlm the crew and not knock out 50 smaller tickets.