Road to Lvl 50 (Reached it before Bern without side quests)

Hey,today i reached Lvl 50 in the RU Servers.
But i was a little bit confused,how i reached it.
In a lot of Guides the people said that you should do all Quests also includes side Quests in Arthenine (Mechanic World), but i only rushed to Lvl 50 so i didnt done any kinda side Quests or anything like this.
Before ive finished the last Boss in Arthenine (or how its called) i had Lvl 49 565,000 exp and after i finished him and finished all Quests ive got instand to Lvl 50 with 300.000 exp.
So my questions is,is there any kinda “exp boost” or anything like this in the RU Servers or did Smilegate changed something by the exp rates on the quests?
Excuse please my english skills,im not a native speaker but i think everyone can understand it.

I had the same experience on my only lvl50. Levelled it on the RU server a couple of weeks ago for testing purposes and dinged 50 by the time I killed that same boss. I also rushed and didn’t do any side quests, I was prepared to do them only in Bern or Shushire but didn’t really need to do any in the end. I don’t know why this happened but I’m not really concerned as I have decided to do every single quest during my 1st playthrough on the EU launch instead of rushing.

So there was a patch that added a slight increase to all quests xp rewards, as well as removing unnecessary repetition from quest requirements. With this, it is no longer necessary to do any side quests to get to 50. Let’s hope we have this in launch as well. :slight_smile:

Also, not ALL quests are required in Arthenine, there are about 10 you can skip in the old levelling approach.

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Would be a problem,if we rush in EU and we didn get the same exp as now.

This would be pretty good