Roadmap, classes and the impact on the player base

Hello, I’d just like to share my opinion about some important aspects of the game. I had never played lost ark before this launch, even though I’ve played every single day since release. With that said, lets get to the point.

Even though I had never played lost ark, I’ve played beta last year and liked summoner a lot. I didn’t play much because I wanted everything to be new so I just toyed with the classes for a little bit to check their skills. I think I don’t need to say that not seeing summoner in the class selection screen on launch was a huge letdown for me. At this point, I’d already seen videos about the game’s classes and chose 2 or 3 that I’d like to play more. After getting disappointed that I could not play summoner on launch, I’ve decided to play anyway because I’d need alts for farming stuff.

That’s where I am now. I’ve reached T3 and parked my character at 1340 while trying to bring up my other characters to T3. I don’t think I’m the only player that did this, but since the 1340 → 1370 push was too hard, I’ve decided to do all horizontal content in the game. After a month, I have around 90% mokokos, almost all giant hearts aside from the rapport ones, almost getting the astray, working on the ghost ship and island souls.

The game is fun, but I can’t stop wondering how much more fun it would be if I was playing with the class I chose before I started the game and that’s itself is kinda frustrating. I mean, I’ve only seen the classes through videos as I’ve never played them so they could be actually boring to play but right now I don’t know that because I can’t play with them.

This brings the second point: the roadmap. I’ve read a message yesterday saying that the roadmap’s gonna come before the april’s update, but when is the april’s update? Assuming it’s on the same time as the march update, it gets us at least another 2 weeks without news. The only thing I personally care about is the classes release schedule because in my opinion, the classes itself can make the content much more fun or much more boring depending if you’re playing a class that you like or not.

With that said, I’d like to give my feedback about some aspects of the game.

1- The class tester in the character’s creator is really bad. I don’t think there’s a reason for it to be different than using the training room or whatever the area is called. In the class tester you can’t change your skills, tripods, engravings and etc. Personally I though gunlancer was really boring based on the class tester alone, but I discovered that the class was fun after I used the knowledge booster on it. I feel like a lot of people are having the wrong impressions of classes just based on the class tester.

2- Adventure islands and Sailing coop events could spawn more during the day. I’ve missed quite a few events because I was working or had anything else to do during the little time they are available.

3- Forced 21:9 feels horrible. I actually don’t have hopes for this one, but I really wish we could zoom out and get the fov as close as possible to 21:9 without being forced to switch to this ratio. What bothers me the most is that every time I’m gonna enter a guardian raid or abyss dungeon I have to open the options (which always lags or freezes up the game a little bit) and navigate through the options to enable 21:9 and do the same thing again after the raid’s over. It’s tiresome and unnecessary in my opinion.

I’m pretty sure I had more feedback but I guess that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

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With the leaked roadmap, most of us can kind of predict what will be coming in the near future. It seems that the current issue is that AGS/SG are trying to perfect the roadmap due to the recent backlash they have gotten. They do not want to release a bad roadmap that will pissed off the community hence the reason for them taking the time. It will come and all we can do is to be patient.

More classes would be nice since there are a handful of us who are waiting to main a unreleased class. Most people knows the staggering of class releases is mainly for marketing purposes and to bring back players back in the game (which is proven to be an effective strategy). The community has voiced their concerns and hopefully AGS/SG can release the classes at an accelerated pace. They mentioned in their last newsletter that has been brought up and they are well aware of it. The best thing we can do is to build up our resources, so we can boost our desired class fast.

I do agree the class tester is pretty boring, but I have been recommending my friends to watch videos and guides to see how the class plays. Most people won’t really know how a class will play even if they can use all the skills and engravings.

The class release schedule is the only thing im waiting for in the next roadmap, it feels pretty sad when people say that ‘‘oh players are leaving because of their missing main is not released and they will come back when its released’’ - This statement is pretty much 50% bullshit. yes some of them will come back, but most of those who have formed this opinion of lost ark that its ways of doing things like holding the release of popular classes is PREDATORY, their opinion wont change, and in worst case wont bring them back.

And to be exact, what the hell has proven that people will come back with their champion? when the people have to wait months if not years, those who left will be so much behind, who the hell would want to return in an game thats pretty much unplayable for them because they cant catch up in any-time soon? I just hate when people say ‘‘oh people will come back when their champ is released’’ when we shouldnt have LET THEM GO in the first place. As multiple ppl are saying the game is slowly dying, people are holding for their dear life on the game but soon, whats there to hold anymore when u cant enjoy your main? Absolute nothing. And most of people talking this bullcrappie are those who are enjoying their main on the game already, imagine if that was taken away from them, they would know how we feel as those who are trapped in the game without scouter and other popular classes we main.