Roadmap = Disappointment

So, I understand Lance Master is one of the most popular sub classes, but now, there are only 2 sub classes for the Assassins and 2 for the mages, meanwhile the other base classes have at least 3, now the the Martial Artist will get a 5th by April and a 4th warrior by May (And the destroyer is one of the least popular choices, this one to me is the dumbest choice to be honest to release early). This is just … disappointing at best.

Don’t get me wrong, I want all the classes to be released by yesterday, I still think is really but really lame to drip feed us the current EXISTING classes of the game. But, if they’re going to take that stupid approach at least do it in a balanced manner and it should have been 2 by April and 2 by May. Sadly, I had expectations for the roadmap and I knew I was going to be disappointed, but I at least expected AGS to listen to feedback.

Well it was a good run, I can see my main class not coming to NA for a long time, which just makes me quit for now, I’ll probably come back by then or not, for now I’ll just go and play other MMOs. It was my fault for expecting Lost Ark NA to be as good as it was in Ru or Kr.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ll just log in to get the mats. Another 2 months without another Mage class is just depressing. God this version of Lost Ark blows


Mages I think have gotten the worst part. Summoner in the beta and Arcana in the leaks but still not playable :confused:


yeah this is pretty much another 2 months of doing nothing but dailies on 9 characters and waiting for scouter to release ! if this continues i might just go back to playing new world. i dont care about damn lances and hammers, give me my freaking gun and my drone already!!

“This is just … disappointing at best.” AGREE

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Glaivier/Lancemaster has topped “westerner” polls as most wanted class by a significant margin and is definitely the most mentioned class if you pay attention to comments around the community but okay believe what you want to believe.


Where is everyone pulling these “polls” from?

Can you please share these polls with links. Sure lancemaster was wanted quite a bit but it makes people believe that no one wanted to play destroyer or arcana. People knew destroyer and arcana was coming and therefore they did not complain and flooded the forums with lancemaster and scouter pls!! threads. And no don’t think that one reddit poll that was made is an accurate representation of what people wanted vs the people who are vocal about what they want.

People are being misled and worried about the wtong thing. The problem is this is available content. They acting like they have to develop it or something. Its all availabe today right now. But is going to be fed to us over 12 months or more…

Hell just go ahead and release future content as paid dlc.

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Are a couple I can find just quickly, there’s been more with similar results and i swear there was a bigger one but I can’t find it with a quick sweep. Obviously a bit of a small sample size but all the polls i’ve seen tend to have similar results.

EDIT: Found a screenshort of the larger one.

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Lancemaster has won most popular vote on every Reddit thread and twitch channel (vote) I’ve seen. Doesn’t mean that’s how everyone thinks for sure, but no doubt it’s one of the more popular ones.

yup pretty much. Assasin and mages lacking in classes, yet release more fighter classes =/.

Mages even more sadge. The summoner was already playable but they are keeping it locked away for no reason. They also tease arcana, and now we don’t get it.

Mages also only have 1 dps too =/.

Guess i am not returning back to this game anytime soon.

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Smilegate listened to Amazon, on what western players like, even though Amazon can’t fucking run a game to save their lives. This game could have been #1 for a VERY long time. It’s so simple, and yet the developers and publishers can’t use some god damn critical thinking.

Counter argument: Fighter is by far the weakest early game (current content) and deserve getting another class before others which all have strong choices to choose from.

Sorry guys, looks like I have to continue taking that MVP spot with my sorc :joy: on a more serious note though, come on, release Summoner already… that’s my main. I don’t understand the reason behind withholding classes.

Releasing more classes = retaining your playerbase = more money right? Isn’t that what AGS+SG wants? Money??

Like seriously, I’ll drop some real money on skins when Destroyer comes out (not before). This is one of those situations where it’s okay to be greedy in the short term, because they already have what people want. Just do it, it’ll make money. Who in their right mind doesn’t like quick, easy money?


I get it, the roadmap is frustrating but ASG did say the roadmap is open for changes in the future. This is not a defense for them; but more of hoping they will consider adjusting as time goes on. I personally think 2 classes per month would be a better option until we start hitting the newer classes, then it can go to 1 per month or every other month.

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We need to keep being loud about it, though. If glaiviers can whine their way to the front of the line, then we can get them to change their release structure. They already cut it down from 1 every 2-3 months to 1 per month.

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Its popular :smiley: out of 50k people, 35k of them in forum voted for lancemaster. In other regions it has %16.6 player rate and she is so different than other martial artist classes. Early high dps, mobility, you dont auto cuz she has lots of skills, party synergy buffs and self buffs. She is more like warrior than martial artist. And i can asure you she’ll be popular here unlike destroyer. And she was needed. Blade gsg lancemaster bard/pala parties are just so op.

This is absolutely true. Nobody needed soulfist or striker. They could release lancemaster, summoner or arcana first. That way skins wouldnt have problem, they wouldnt need to adjust them. And with upcoming months they could release arcana destro. Everybody would be ok.

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