Roadmap release?

In korea is night already so we wont be getting these news on May in afraid. Well they said this week so I don’t care personally.

Also June roadmap in June? Yes it does exists, you will see your first this week probably lol.

  1. September is too soon.
  2. You would probably hear about the November summer roadmap in October.
  3. See you in December.

Someone pull up that jpg with the guy running into the sunset with a bag of money lol.


Giving Roadmap or not it doesn’t really matter, because as always AGS will messed up by not giving details, like about the power pass or others thing that really matter

IDC about those details. I just want to know is when Vykas will be released, June or July, and which character will be released. These thing determines that how we should spend our mats.

Guys we really need the roadmap, this whole guessing game is really annoying…

just saw it, our feedback is being ignored.

What feed back are you referring to?

2 class/month

Hmm, nothing on that message says that we aren’t getting 2 classes pet month.

But keep in mind if we do get 2 classes per month, we are not getting powerpasses for each class.

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For me thats not a problem, I just want that people can play with his most desired class (that’s not released yet) soon as possible


Guys there was unexpected event that happened yesterday - it was holiday meaning roadmap is being delayed. :clown_face:

June/July Roadmap will be released at the end July per usual.

They said before June so logically it should be today, but they also said next week (which is this week) so maybe we get it until weekend. But I expect nothing so I don’t get disappointed lol

If its today thats fine. If it is this week its fine. If its in a couple weeks its fine. Do you guys really care that much about some silly road map to get all bent out of shape over it?

Looks like I can predict the future. :thinking:

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confirmed not today, but this week unfortunatly

Man im Not even a native speaker and even i know that “aiming” is far from promising.

You forumclowns are something else.

June “roadmap” in June.

July “roadmap” in July.

“Summer Roadmap”


Man, we all know what “aiming” is, and the main problem is not with delays. If they tell us they aim for something, they should just tell us: “We missed the mark, need more time, dont wait for it ahead of June” and thats all. I guess they had this info in prev week too. Not by the end of the timeline, what they “announced”. I simply can’t get it, why the communication is so shady.

Hey guys I found the roadmap btw.