Roadmap should be early April at the latest

“Next two weeks seems to be realistic“ meaning it’s STILL not straightforward known long till the roadmap is released?? I mean there’s no way they would drag this on until Late April or even May for a roadmap that is dedicated towards the month of April and May? It’s been a long time since we have expected a roadmap and I’m frustrated too.

Pulled the roadmap we had originally because we saw Destroyer, Arcana and the content coming into the game. The community was upset cause they thought the roadmap was lame.


Cool dude

It should be no later than next week, otherwise it’s literally pointless.

i would suggest aprill 1
then if/when enrage will be to big they can say its a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

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At this point though it’s just comical… Giving us the April/May Roadmap already into April… Probably be about the size of their attempt at patch notes and we probably all saw the leaked one… maybe 3 words changed and it took them 3 weeks to put it out. :pepekek:

it should be this week to allow players TIME to prepare for WHATEVER class/raid they are dropping… cmon guys… the day of or week before the next month IS NOT enough time… period. you cant have the market change properly and THATS why t3 mats jumped when argos was given 24 hour teaser RIGHT BEFORE RELEASE…


Yeah typically roadmaps for other games are for a quarter… So April/May/June and you would get it in March to build hype for the upcoming quarter… I’m here all day AGS <3

Oh also we should get the next one in June for July/August/September just ya know giving yall ample warning for the future.

i havent played an MMO in my 25 years of gaming that had such a crappy release window for future content… its hilarious because we already know what going to come but in what order is the problem… how hard is it to get with Smile gate and say “hey they want these classes based on popularity?” smile gate responds with okay that makes sense… THUS YOU ALREADY HAVE A CHARACTER ROAD MAP OR ALL FREAKING 8 CHARACTERS… or am i missing something? time frame should seriously be a single call… its not rocket science guys


Yeah just feels like they do everything last minute. I thought the marketing was actually decent before release but now it has just felt pretty watered down. Not sure what’s going on with them

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Yeah they pulled back the last one I think because it made so many players upset. So now we have to wait for a last minute roadmap lol

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They will not release a ROAD MAP soon. Personally, I’m thinking of stopping playing until they announce and release Lancemaster. I have DB 1370 . I stop here with the game…