Roadmap still planned?

Prior to launch it had been said that we would be receiving a roadmap to share post-launch plans so that we will know what to look forward to. Is this something that we can still expect to see at this point? Or will all future updates be similar to how this one was handled?

Regardless of how or what content drops, it would be nice to plan for the future. Destroyer and Arcana may not have been the most popular class choices, but I am sure quite a few were excited at the news. A lot are planning to main an unreleased class and we would like to do endgame content such as Argos with our preferred mains. If a class is 2-3 weeks away for someone wanting to main that, it is extremely helpful information to them so they can stockpile materials and save gold and time til they can swap.

There are plenty of guilds and players who I am sure would love a heads up to start prepping for a new raid tier, PvP season, whenever we get GvG and GvE. A roadmap will help with this planning. We were teased about having this roadmap back on January 26, 2022 shortly after the game was in our hands. Now we’re having an entire raid introduced in less than 24 hours and we still lack any roadmap.

Is the lost roadmap something we can still expect, or will all future content releases be similar to this one?


I think they said they plan on sharing “after” the march patch. So hopefully we hear something no later then this weekend. I think we all would like to know NOW but ya know…

i wouldn’t hold by breath, AGS mishandles every game they publish.

i watched Crucible sink, played through New world’s terrible launch, and now they’re gonna drop the ball on Lost Ark too.

they just treat these games as a quick-cash grab before letting them die and moving onto the next license.

The elites on this forum are trying to hold the game back, it means more gold for players at T3 and more money for Amazon from the players below T3.

Amazon like money so they are 100% trying to change the roadmap set out by Keum Kang Sun.

They will prolly use ‘feed back’ from people who have a vested interest in holding content back to try and convince Keum Kang Sun of changing his plans.

Please release the roadmap!