Roadmap to get gold required for crafting?

I’m not new to gaming, but I am new to Lost Ark.
Trying to complete some crafting quests and finding the route puzzling.

I need gold to pay to crafting items. In this case, a specific type of potion (3 of them.)
To get the gold, I need gems to sell/covert to gold.
I bought the gems.
Still can’t convert/sell for gold because of some “trust” issue… maybe in 3 days my purchase comes off non trust?

What I find confusing is the convoluted process to craft items I get quests to do, that require a purchase with real money only to find I still can’t do the quest… because I made a purchase that I might use to exploit the game? Really?

Crafting is an element in game play. If this is such a risk, please remove the requirement to buy the ability to do so with real money, or eliminate quests that require you to follow this confusing and frustrating path to complete.

If I were crafting some “epic” item that I could then sell… maybe I could see some element of control. Have these confusing paths to complete a quest that requires crafting of some item to turn in seems unlikely to exploit the game.

But then, I’ve only been gaming for 18+ years and developing software for many more… what do I know?