Roadmap update for JUNE

Most leaks and predictions are mentioning scouter and arcana


wdym most leaks?

only datamined thing shows every class so isn’t specifying any 2 classes and only “leak” was the playtest version of western release showing summoner and reaper in leaderboard, which also doesn’t mean anything because that version of the game is the same as ours it just has the “enabled” box next to all classes checked.

Iirc there was a recent datamine idk if the one showed that was interpreted as scouter and arcana, also streamers predictions, not like i value those, don’t really care about the order, they come when they come, just that artist community is so fking annoying, cringe and whiny i lowkey want then to release artist last

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the “datamine” you’re referring to showed every class, including artist. that mean we’re getting every class including artist by july?

i don’t think artist is coming anytime soon, so that datamine doesn’t mean much. summoner and arcana deserve a spot on the next roadmap the most over any other class since they’ve both been screwed over by ags. i really don’t wanna see a 5th gunner pop up before we have 3rd assassin and 3rd dps mage.

Again, i was repeating info that was posted in another thread, can’t really confirm or deny anything, and predictions are only predictions, as i said we get them when we get them :person_shrugging:

That Summoner bait and switch was way worse. She was fully playable in the beta and had a founders pack skin lol. Not that I’m complaining Sorc was probably the better choice at the time. Summoner or Artist are my picks for best next.

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terchnically every class has a founders pack skin, the wukong one that was bundled with the gold cloud mount for glaiver and the shushire set for destroyer as shown here with the other platinum founders skins

a better choice could have been release sorc along with summoner and take out one of the 4 martial artist classes if they were hard set on releasing with only 15 classes.

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still believe tho taking a class out after letting people playtest on it, was a terrible decision.

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The Summoner one was advertised in our regions though. None of the other classes that weren’t released were on there. Like I said it really doesn’t matter and I think Sorc at launch was good for the game.

Yeah was for sure weird

I agree I don’t think many people would have noticed if Soulfist went missing one day.

oh god plz stop with this fake leak when ALL class are in the data sinse the closed alpha and beta…

Arcana is also vanilla class my friend

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ye that’s why arcana and summoner should be the next two classes, both were vanilla and both have been screwed over by nonsensical decisions made for our version of the game (summoner getting ripped out after being playable in beta, then arcana being on first version of roadmap).

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The problem isn’t lack of diverse support classes. It never is.

The problem is and has always been, in every single mmo, that people don’t want to play support.

You’re saying that artist will help with the shortage. It won’t. The amount of people that are currently playing DPS and will switch mains to a Support artist are extremely minimal.

Don’t get me wrong, I want an artist on my main roster aswell. But it’s not some magical fix of the support shortage.


this is a fact because people would rather hack,cast and slash without wanting to have to worry about their teams health/buffs.

We are working on our next roadmap update now – a handful of us are actually in Korea currently, and I am typing this from the Smilegate office :slight_smile: We will provide context about next classes, some pieces of content, and more. It will look similar to the previous 2 month roadmap


Previous as in Arcana will be there for real now? :ddd


Praying for Vykas on june, i dont wanna play with scuffed sets T.T