Robots and RMT are already serious

But you haven’t done anything. The prices are already crazy, okayI have a perfect solution to this problem 。 A key scouring,If you can’t, join in。

This guy bought 600,000 gold pieces and only got locked up for three days


I hope he gets 1.2Mio negativ KEKW

The Chinese will buy gold and use it immediately to buy materials ,So there’s no gold deducted,
AGS just look at it

There is one dollar to seven yuan,that is to say 20 dollars =100000 gold ,omg Your time in the game is worthless

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Welcome to a KR online game in the west.


That counters basically our time investment thats horrible.

Rmt and Bots are a Part of the Game and i can say with confidents this wont Change.
They Work already months to fix IT but they cant make IT Work.
So you either live with IT or you quit.

Poe has the Same Situation but ppl dont rly Care about this in the Game.
BC its kinda a Single Player Game and there is No rly gatekeeping and dickmessurement

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They dont make it negative either. I know someone personally IRL whose spent 5k via rmt and got a 3 day ban with no deduction. We’re talking millions upon millions of gold thats now “clean”

brbrbrbr O_o The management of this game Its absolutely ridiculous and encourage ppl to cheat and buy gold for third parties. Unbeliavable :open_mouth:

If some important problems are not solved or trying to solve in the next 1 month, I probably take a looong break, because playing in this state its absurd.

Viewing those kind of cases, I feel Im losing my time, literally.

Whats the point in farm and grind when ppl cheats and system just ban them temporary for days, and let them use their gold to screw more the economy for legit players?

AGSG are supporting cheaters and creating new cheaters everyday with their actitude and management.



If IT wouldnt Effect the Game at all i wouldnt Mind but the Inflation BC of It and the Image they Show IT IS Just a drag


it seems like if they use their gold before they get banned. buy gems with that gold or whatever else they get = they can recover the gold back by reselling what they bought easily. since your gold doesn’t go negative considering nobody ever reported it. i’ve only seen that happen in the russian version of the game where if you RMT your gold will go negative and you must pay it all back by grinding. but it’s not the same here considering they never stop RMT’ing which means they don’t care considering how ridiculous the punishment is in our version…


my 1502 artillerist and 1477 bard took me six months and a lot of money ,rmters just need a few minute and very little money,that’s not fair,and a lot of black gold will rush into the market,That I can’t afford anything,Prices are inflated,I like this game very much,but I’m sad right now
because everything I did in the game seemed stupid


Unless they implement REAL ID numbers like Korea this will never end. I m perfectly OK to give my ID if it is gonna be the solution. Until then it is " kick and return " situation.


any rpg game can control robot and rmt within a reasonable range,It will not affect the normal player too much ,this picture showThe price has been the same for 12 years ,unchanged,It looks like a lot of gold,but There are very few things you can do in the game

I’ve never seen prices like the lostArk,It’s almost like a private service,a few money can do all the things

i agree with you,we can’t wait any longer

who would spend 13K on a unsafe account lol
these bots rmters crazy lol

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sooooo I did some quick calcs
RMT u can get 4 million gold for $916
AGS on Azena RC u can get 724,287 gold for $916


yep don’t blame em