Rohendal, Yorn, Feiton and Punika story skip

Am I the only one who think that the story of the subsequent continents should be skippable on alts. I know that doing the story is good way to get some mats but if players are okay with skipping those rewards you should be able to.
Something akin to the system implemented on wow you still have to travel to said continent and once there, the first quest giver should have an option saying I already heard this story before and that puts you forward to the end of the story.
You can then go and do the story dungeons if you want of just continue grinding.


I don’t think paying 1000 gold and waiting 8 hours is a fair alternative to skipping 2 to 3 hours story on every alt. Especially since since those stories are only access barrier you don’t gain more levels, you don’t get item level boost by doing the story either. for example Rohendal you go there 460 you end the story at 460.


Why stop at alts ? Just make it skippable on the main character too. And maybe start the game with 6 power pass for feiton so you don’t have the hassle


Because it won’t be QoL improvement. All MMOs offer QoL improvements for alts especially with regards to story segments that are there to only progress the story and have no impact on you power.
The knowledge transfer system is good and I agree with it being for a fee for skipping levels to enter end game straight away. However the subsequent story is just that you don’t level you don’t get ilevel you get rewards and upgrade mats but if you’re okay with missing on that then that would be cost enough. Having a a skip of a bit of the story cost more than the whole levelling experience from 1 to 50 is too much.

yeah but it is only for every other alt :confused: exsample main did all storys alt 1 can skip alt 2 can´t skip etc

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Game is free to play, they have the feature you want… you just have to pay money for it.

The system for skipping already exists in the form of knowledge transfers… you want to be given that ability for free? Might as well just run your alts through though as you’ll end up needing the silver you’ll get from the quests later on.


The MMos i played does the same thing so i dont understand why it must be diiferent here , In Bdo u need to do the main story again on every character or grind , Wow u need to do the quests again to lvl up or buy boost with real money .

At least in Lost Ark you have the possibility to do it with gold if u dont want to do it manually .


The less this game emulates WoW the better. Rohendel has a lot of side quests with virtue stats you don’t really want to skip. Just one chain quest awards a +10 charisma pot at the end.

You can knowledge transfer but there are actual requirements for doing it for all alts. Every time you do it the count for needing to complete the story again goes up. So you’re basically forced to do the story again if you’re someone who grinded out more than 1 alt.

I really don’t like this at all. After doing it once we should be able to skip by paying gold for all of them.


Wait the chain quests are repeatable for virtue points on alts??

I would love to know this too

the ones that come from chains are repeatable on alts but it will still only get you upto the lvl that the mains upto, you dont get an extra +10 each time for the main character.

and if you are strapped for gold then just run the story , takes what 2-3 hours at most for rohen and then 2 hours for each one after that

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I don’t know, I don’t play any alts. All quests should be able to be done at least once though if you missed them the first time through. Should be able to complete on any character as long as you meet the prerequisites?

True in an MMO the player should have the choice what path to choose to progress beyond your first time through.
If you want to do the MSQ on one player and skip all side quests you should be able to do that. And if you choose to to do only side quests on an alt you should be able to do that.

I don’t know man wow has been making some good progress lately on making the game alt friendly.

And I am aware of that however you should be given the choice if you want to sacrifice all that, it should punishement enough.

Knowledge transfer is a very bad system for beyond 1 to 50
You pay more for less and takes more time. For rohendal alone you pay 1000g and you wait 8 hours.

I’m not saying give to me for free I’m fine with it having a cost. Heck make it 100g and you wait 4 hours, 400 and instantaneous, 200 and you wait 1 hour not 1000 and on top of it you can’t play your alt for 8 hours.

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The gold prices for that are not worth it whatsoever. I’d rather not play through Bohrendel a third time.

No you should play the story at least once. Otherwise what’s the point of the game?

Just finished Rohendel and Yorn for the 12th time. It’s not that bad. If you can’t handle a 2 hr questline and don’t wanna knowledge transfer then maybe the game isn’t for you

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12 times??

Go outside buddy.


Again good on you I’m not saying everyone should skip it. I actually like the rohendal story and I’m sure after quit some time I would love to go through it again.
However some of us maybe have only 2 hours to play a day.

We would definitely rather spends them playing the interesting part of the game not redoing a story we did before.