Rohendel - Return Trip - Reward bug

I finished the quest “return trip” in Rohendel but i don’t have my skillpoints.



Character Name: Gusano
Server: Agaton

Please Help!

Have exactly the same problem.

Upon completing it claimed “I have already received this reward” but it was the first time doing this on my account.

I hope this will be resolved.

If you have used Feiton Powerpass, I believe it autocompletes these quests for your roster.

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That make sense!

The same problem here, i did all the steps before reach “Return Trip”

  • 7 days UNA Task
  • 6 Yellow Quest

After that, unblock Return trip, when i did the quest i got the honing materials but for the potion got this mesage “I have already received this reward”, its imposible is a 1 time quest with several prerequisites. Adding picture ( sorry for spanish log )

Missing 3 Skill Points Potion
Server : Wei
Character : Darkelendra

EDIT: IDK if we also didnt recive +5 Courage Points ( 3 From Quest , 2 From Adventure tome )

Same happen to me today. Just finished “Return Trip” for the first and did not receive the SP reward.
For people who say power pass auto complete, no it doesn’t. “Return Trip” is part of Rohendel adventure tome quest. Upon completing it today, the percentage completion went up and objective is marked with a yellow check mark today.

After further investigation, it seem like the SP have already been rewarded at some point prior to the quest completion. Don’t know how that is possible, since “Return Trip” was just completed for the first time.

But to check if you have the correct amount of SP. Open the Codex window, and search for Skill Point Potion. The total skill point at lvl 55 is 378 (Currently sitting on 351 SP at lvl 54). So i’m missing 6sp for lvl 55 and 21 from quests/onmious stars etc, which comes out to 378.

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Thx for the answers!! very helpful.

Just completed Return Trip, but I did’t gain my skill points.

Server: Feiton
Character: Valkyza